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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Late night thoughts...

Sometimes I find myself wondering: why do I put myself through this? 
It's becoming more and more of a struggle to keep up with a full time job, as well as a Bachelors Degree, and at the moment I feel like I haven't slept or eaten properly for weeks... 

...But then I remind myself, that it is me who has chosen to do this, I made the choice to take a COMPLETELY different career path, and go back to university because, at the end of it, it will all be worth it. I will have a dream career that doesn't feel like work, a job where I go to work every day excited, and bursting with new ideas of how I can make things beautiful! 

I am a strong believer that only you have control over your life, and it still surprises me when I hear people complaining about their jobs, boyfriends, etc when they aren't prepared to make the changes they need to, to make themselves happy. When I saw this quote, it made me smile, as I now feel like my life is a success, I am finally going in the direction I am supposed to be heading, and I am having so much fun on the way :)

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  1. Wow, that quote really got me thinking about what I want in life... I also like the graphic- did you design it?

    1. Hey Constance,

      Just make sure that whatever career you choose makes you happy every day, it took me quite a while to realise I was on the wrong path! I love the graphic too, but I didn't design it, I found it on another blog: http://blog.accompl.sh I just thought it was so inspirational, I had to share it!



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