Jewellery and Perfume Storage Inspiration

Does anyone else store their jewellery and perfume on a glass dish or cake stand? I think it’s such a lovely idea, and a great way to keep things like small rings and earrings together!
Recently I bought a beautiful orange lustre glass dish from an auction, and I have been using it on my bedside table to put my every day jewellery on when I take it off at night!


I have also been searching the internet to see how other people have been using theirs, here are some of my favourites!

This beauty is from the office/closet tour reveal over on Pink Peonies – which by the way is incredible, so definitely pop over and have a look (warning- it MIGHT give you some serious office/closet envy) I love how she has used a little vase of flowers on the tray as well as the beautiful perfume bottles- SO pretty!

This one is pretty awesome too! This is from the home tour of United States Army Captain Katie del Castillo over on The EveryGirl– I love how she has used different pretty little dishes within the large mirrored tray, as well as the big glass jar for beads and bracelets. Check out the rest of the home tour here.

This pretty marbled ring dish is a DIY project from A Beautiful Mess- click [here] for the full tutorial. This is such a great idea- fist of all it’s cheap, secondly- you can choose the colours to match your decor perfectly, and thirdly, if you are making one, you may as well make a few more to give to away as gifts for friends!!

Image via Tumblr

And now for something a little more minimal from Stylizmo. I really like the elegant simplicity of this one, a simple white tray, with just the basics- clean and pure.

So tell me… how do you like to organise your perfume and jewellery? Let me know in the comments or tweet me your pictures @EMInteriorD


    • April 16, 2015 / 7:57 am

      Thanks, Erin! Boxes and trays are brilliant for organising jewellery 🙂 I love the idea in the last photo where the necklaces are hanging, it would stop them getting tangled up too!
      Emily xx

  1. April 15, 2015 / 8:13 pm

    These are some pretty ideas! I'm using currently a simple silver platter dish for my fragrances but I'm actually looking for something prettier 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • April 16, 2015 / 7:59 am

      Silver dishes always look really nice with perfumes on them- I love how the silver reflects the colour of the perfume bottles!
      Emily xx

  2. April 16, 2015 / 12:08 pm

    Love home decor as much as the next girl! I wanted to try out the Byredo Gypsy Water perfume until I saw the price tag… NO TY. Unless it just falls out of the sky and into my lap than yes, please & thank-you haha

    • April 16, 2015 / 1:20 pm

      Haha, that's the trouble with perfumes, the best ones are always so expensive!
      Emily xx

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