I Need Your Help!!

***Voting is now closed- Thanks to everyone who voted!***

Happy Saturday you guys!! 

Ok… I have a massive favour to ask…. Do you remember last year, when I was nominated for the Amara Interior Blog Awards? (Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me by the way) Well last year I made it into the top 5 of my category, and got invited to the incredible awards ceremony- which was one of the best nights ever! See the post here 🙂

So this year I have been nominated again, and I need YOUR votes for a chance to make it to the final 5 again!! So can I ask, if you like my blog, or have ever been inspired by it, could you pretty please take a second to vote for me?

This is the link to the voting page 🙂

It only takes a second, and it would really mean the world to me!

Thanks again for all your support over the last couple of years!

Emily xxx

Last year’s awards ceremony- me and June from Nostalgiecat


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