Beautiful Concrete Floors

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best! Normally I wouldn’t like raw concrete flooring, but when it’s done properly it can be SO beautiful. Simplicity at it’s best! Take a look…

This beautiful converted warehouse home was designed by Australian Architects, Techne. The concrete floor is polished beautifully to give the perfect smooth finish. It works really well with the minimal design- I love the marbled effect where the different colours of the concrete mix!

The two images below (Photography by Serge Anton – via BoBedre) show again how perfectly concrete works in bright airy spaces with minimal designs.

I love this slightly paler shade of grey on this concrete floor by Norm Architects (the coolest Architecture firm from Copenhagen) The pales shade of grey gives the floor a softer look.

This next one below (photography by Chris Patey for MyDomaine) has a slightly darker finish to it, it almost looks like wood! This works really well with the warmer colours in the design of this room.

The next space is by Davide Lovatti, this is polished really well, it almost starts to look like marble!!

So what to you think? Polished floors- yay or nay?

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