The Best Cabin Beds for Small Rooms

Cabin beds are an ideal choice for children with small bedrooms, allowing you to make use of the floor space underneath the bed without putting your child at a height that could potentially be dangerous for them. Providing plenty of storage along with many other practical features, cabin beds are undoubtedly the best way to make the most of a small space. In this article, I’m sharing some of the best cabin beds for small rooms to help you find the right one.

Cabin Beds for Small Rooms

These cabin beds for small rooms are perfect for making the most of the space you have. Whether you are looking for a super fun bed with a built-in slide, or somewhere your teen can study with a custom pull-out desk, you will find different options to suit a variety of needs on this list.

White Cabin Bed With Desk

The Beds on Legs Flintshore Billie Mid Sleeper

Looking for a practical and stylish mid-sleeper bed for your child’s bedroom? Look no further than the Flintshire Billie White Mid Sleeper! This bed is the ultimate space-saving solution, with a wide array of storage options to keep your child’s room neat and tidy. Featuring three large drawers, shelves, and a pull-out desk, this bed is perfect for storing toys, clothes, books, and more.

The layout of this cabin bed is versatile too, with a fixed ladder that can be placed on either side of the bed. The desk is also versatile and can be situated on either side for added convenience and flexibility.

Overall, this bed is a fantastic choice for any family looking for a practical, space-saving, and stylish solution for their child’s bedroom.

Modern Black and White Cabin Bed

Cookie Grey and White Cabin Bed

This bed is a great space-saving solution for smaller bedrooms, and the built-in multi-storage and study desk is a real game-changer—particularly for older kids and teens. The bed’s construction is very sturdy and is built to withstand regular use from children, and the drawers and cabinets are spacious enough to store clothes, toys, and other items, which helps keep the room neat and organised.

Cabin Bed for Small Room With Slide

Maxxi Cabin Bed With Slide

Say goodbye to boring, mundane sleeping arrangements and hello to a world of imagination and play! With its exciting features, this cabin bed for small rooms is the perfect bed for an energetic, fun-loving child who loves to make the most of every moment.

The bed comes equipped with a built-in slide to make getting up every morning fun! It also includes a chalkboard, giving your child the freedom to personalise their space, practice their writing skills, and let their creativity run wild!

Two portable storage boxes are included, which are perfect for storing toys and games. And when playtime is over, cleaning up is a breeze. Simply wheel the boxes back under the bed, and voila! A tidy room in no time.

The open shelves at the end of the bed are perfect for organising their favourite books, treasures, and decorations. They can even be accessed from under the bed, making it easy to create a cosy den with cushions, blankets and fairy lights.

Cabin Bed With Trundle

Cabin Bed With Trundle Drawer

If you love to host sleepovers but don’t always have the space, this cabin bed with trundle drawer is a fantastic option. Along with three spacious storage drawers for storing clothes and toys, this smart cabin bed has a larger drawer at the bottom that can fit a trundle mattress. It easily pulls in and out, to give you an extra bed when you need it. The main bed has a sturdy guard rail around it to ensure a safe night’s sleep for kids aged 4 and up.

Anthracite Cabin Bed

Kimbo anthracite cabin bed frame

Anthracite grey is the colour du jour, so this stylish Anthracite mid sleeper bed is a must-have for those who want to make a statement! With a pull-out desk, chest of drawers, and bookshelves, this practical bed has everything a child will need to make the most of a small space.

Cool Cabin Bed

Midsleeper Cabin Bed With Desk and Storage

Featuring a sleek pull-out desk, a two-door cupboard and a wide array of storage shelves, this is an ideal choice for older children and teens who have homework and a large book collection! The built-in shelving beside the bed is one of the best features, creating a ‘bedside table’ type area where your child can have a bedside lamp and store their favourite things within easy reach.

Grey Oak Wooden Cabin Bed for Small Rooms

Jupiter Grey Oak Wooden Mid Sleeper

Perfect for older children and teens with small rooms, this versatile cabin bed has plenty of storage options built in. It comes with a pull-out desk on smooth rolling castors and has a sturdy fixed ladder with flat steps for comfortable, easy access. It also comes with three spacious drawers, and four shelves for storing toys, books, or other items you want to keep on display.

Low Cabin Bed With Drawers and Trundle

Low Cabin Bed

With three spacious drawers and a large trundle drawer underneath, this low cabin bed is perfect for those in need of extra storage. The larger bottom drawer can be used for a variety of purposes, such as storing blankets and sheets, or even for a trundle mattress, allowing you to have sleepovers even if you’re short on storage space!!

Selecting the Best Cabin Bed for Your Small Room

When it comes to choosing the best cabin bed for your space, it’s important to consider the needs of the child who will be using it. For older children and teens, a desk is usually a must-have, so take this into consideration when making a decision. The great thing about cabin beds is that they aren’t as high up as loft beds, making it much easier to change the bedding when needed!

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