Hallways painted in Farrow and Ball Blackened

Farrow and Ball Blackened: 8 Spectacular Styling Examples 

Contrary to its name, Farrow and Ball Blackened is a fresh off-white, with a sophisticated undertone of grey. It’s the coolest off-white you are ever going to come across in my opinion. 

The story of how it was created adds to its charm. It historically came about when a touch of black pigment gathered from the smoke of an oil-burning lamp, was added to the mixture, hence the name ‘Blackened’. The richly pigmented undertones make this remarkable shade a versatile choice; looking sensational in both minimal and industrial spaces. With Farrow and Ball’s signature response to light, Blackened will have the same space feeling bright and fresh in the morning sunshine then warm and cosy by the evening.

Today I am going to be sharing with you 8 gorgeous examples of how you can transform any room of your home with Blackened. You will be able to see from my favourite Blackened images below just how versatile this shade really is and that I will hopefully give you the inspiration you need to give this sultry shade a go in your own home.

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How to use Farrow and Ball Blackened

Keep reading to see some of my favourite examples of how to use Farrow and Ball Blackened in your own home.

Period Hallway – “Love a Period Hallway”

Hallways painted in Farrow and Ball Blackened

Source: Instagram: @Stephanie_wilhelm_studio

The gorgeous Farrow and Ball Blackened painted walls look fabulous in this stunning period hallway. I just adore the vintage black and white tiled flooring. It looks fantastic and adds such charm and character to this entryway.

I also love how the beautiful hues of blue and green on the stained glass windows pop against the crisp Blackened walls, bringing the space to life. The classic coat and hat stand is a nice touch too, a practical piece of furniture which adds to the beautiful vintage charm of this entryway. But I think it is the eye-catching black and white painted bannisters on the staircase, which bring the room together showcasing the gorgeous grey undertones of the Blackened walls.

Minimal Small Bathroom in Blackened

A modern downstairs loo with zellige subway tiles on the bottom half of the walls, and Farrow and Ball Blackened on the top half

Image via @jessicamay_home

This simple yet elegant bathroom arrangement by @jessicamay_home shows just how stunning Blackened looks when used with clean and crisp minimal styling. Combining the sleek bright white tiles with the sharp black framed artwork which really lift this crisp Farrow and Ball shade. I particularly like the small leafy print in the large frame which is on point with the colour scheme, it catches your eye and draws you in, helping to give the illusion of a larger space. 

Cool Blackened Living Room

Modern living room with walls painted in Farrow and Ball Blackened

Instagram: @rowley_renovation 

This image shows another crisp minimal colour scheme with the use of Farrow and Ball Blackened contrasting superbly with a few dark coloured accessories. The dark stripes on the rug and dark cushions on the accent chair add a pop of colour to the bright airy room. A reminder to not shy away from using dark colours when using this shade. The contrast makes the unique depth of Blackened pop.

The large wicker lampshade and leafy green plant are the perfect finishing touches adding a warm homely feel to the room which could have risked feeling a touch clinical without these pieces.

Gorgeous festive dining table with Farrow and Ball Blackened

Dining room with walls painted in Blackened by Farrow and Ball

Via Instagram: @redrowludlow 

How stunning is this festive dining arrangement by @redrowludlow, a superb example of how warmer colours can work wonderfully with this Farrow and Ball shade. I love how glorious the burnt orange and earthy greens and brown pinecone accessories look against the cool hues of Blackened walls. This brings a pop of colour to the room, while still keeping the clean, stylish, and sophisticated vibe.

They have added a touch of rustic charm with the wooden table, which makes this beautiful colour contrast pop even more by pairing with the dark grey chairs and white dining plates.

Blackened Contemporary Kitchen

New build kitchen painted in Blackened by Farrow and Ball

Instagram: @mrsvls_home

What a gorgeous kitchen! The Blackened on the walls keeps the room looking light and bright but gives the room an extra depth which adds to the homely feel that @mrsvls_home has curated here.

I love the way they have tied the colour scheme together wonderfully with the clever use of accessories and accent pieces. The Farrow and Ball Off-Black feature wall helps bring out the essence of black in this white-with-a-touch-of-grey shade from Farrow and Ball and adds a bold splash of colour to this contemporary kitchen. In contrast, the wooden shelving paired with wooden chopping boards and leafy green plants adds a touch of rustic charm. This creates an inviting vibe to the otherwise sharp colour scheme. This goes to show the most simple accessories can really make all the difference to your space.

Glam Luxe Living Room with Blackened Walls

Instagram: @redrowludl

Here we can see how Blackened can look so luxurious when used in a living room, especially when it is used in a colour palette of other neutral tones of white, grey and chrome such as @redrowludlow has done. It’s one of the best colours to paint a living room if you want to create a luxurious and calm space.

I love the colour pairing here, they all work in perfect unison with each other creating an opulent atmosphere. The cool grey hues in Blackened make it a perfect choice when styling living rooms, it’s a universal shade, which can be easily styled with different accessories as your styling preferences and colour schemes change each season. I think you will agree that this living room set up looks gorgeous, I would love to snuggle up with the white shaggy throw. 

Bohemian Chic Dining room

Instagram: @lucys_hillside_house

I absolutely love this Bohemian dining room styling. Doesn’t the use of Blackened on these walls look fabulous—it’s the perfect shade for this arrangement! It’s rustic but oh so warm and inviting. We have a lot going on with the different uses of textures and colours but it all comes together splendidly.

I particularly love the chunky woven rug under the distressed dining table which adds a beachy contrasting with the more traditional vintage cabinet to the left.

The large metal framed mirror to the right brings out the glorious grey hues in this Farrow and Ball colour. This looks stunning with the arrangement of green and white flowers placed around the room helping to bring out the warmth in the shade.

Farrow and Ball Blackened Bedroom

Instagram: @the1930sterrace 

Here,  @the1930sterrece shows how effortlessly Blackened can lift even the most simple space. The Blackened walls contrast so stylishly with the bold off-black bed frame and bedroom furniture, making the interiors of this bedroom look effortlessly glamorous.  Another nod to not shy away from the use of black and green accents when using Blackened. I particularly love the large green pillows with a fun shaggy light pink pillow thrown in the mix breaking up the colour scheme and adding a soft feminine touch. This shade is so stunning. I think this bedroom is the perfect example, that sometimes you can’t go wrong with keeping it clean and simple.  

As you can see from the images above Blackened is a cool yet sophisticated shade which is extremely versatile. Its cool neutral tones can easily be matched with other colours throughout your home. It looks effortless with a clean and minimal colour scheme but just as wonderful with fun rustic and Bohemian styling too. Blackened will always be a winning choice.

What Colour Goes With Farrow and Ball Blackened?

Because Farrow and Ball Blackened has grey undertones, it goes beautifully with both black and white.

The most popular pairings are:

I you want a warmer accent colour, Pink is a great choice! Try:

Where to Buy Samples of Farrow and Ball Blackened

You can order samples of Blackened and any other colours you want to try on Farrow and Ball’s website.

You can also get a completely free colour card with swatches of all of the most popular colours right here.

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