Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Create a Big Impact 

Do you have the rest of your home styled to the max, looking fantastic, but then you are left with your small boring bathroom which lacks personality due to its limited space? Have you ever looked at your small bathroom and just thought: “Meh – what can I do with this space, to make it look even remotely stylish?” – well then look no further! We are going to turn that frown upside down by showing you how to give that ‘bog’ standard space, the wow factor with our 15 small bathroom ideas below. These ideas are going to not just make your bathroom look beautiful – but create a space that oozes style and personality! 

Today I am going to prove to you that a small bathroom doesn’t need to be dull, boring and forgotten about space. That by making a few smart choices, a small bathroom can look fantastic and still be perfectly practical. Below are 15 of my favourite small bathroom ideas to give you the inspiration you need to help make your bathroom feel more loved, add a splash of personality even bigger! 

15 Gorgeous Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Try

Tiles don’t have to be limited to the walls and floors 

Instagram: @smallbathroominspiration  

Here @smallbathroominspiration beautifully demonstrates that even the most compact bathrooms can still be practical and look superb! The clever use of bright white tiled walls with a large round mirror helps give the illusion of a bigger space, While the lightly patterned flooring which extends up to the bathtub, again adds to the impression of a bigger floorspace whilst catching your eye and helping to reflect light around the room. The pattern adds a gorgeous textural feel. Your eyes are drawn to the beautiful flooring alongside the rustic woodwork. I think you will agree that this bathroom has personality and practicality. 

Combine a wet room and bathtub to maximise your space 

Instagram: @smallbathroomdesign

How genius is this bathroom layout! Here @smallbathroomdesign has really maximised their space, this smart layout gives you everything you could ever want in your bathroom and made it look uber cool and glamorous all at the same time. The clever combination of a walk in shower room and a custom built-in bath, gives you the best of both worlds. The walk-in shower is large,using the whole width of the bathroom, although it takes up a lot of space it does give the impression of having a larger room. I love how the gorgeous glass doors create two separate zones.

Fashionable floating units create more floor space

Instagram: @smallbathroomrenovations 

I love the calmness that has been created in this bathroom with the use of a light colour scheme full of neutral tones alongside all the beautiful natural light beaming in through the windows. A skylight window is an eye-catching feature which will also keep the space bright and spacious. What I really love is the trendy floating storage unit, freeing up the floor space makes the room feel less cluttered. They have also incorporated a large shelf in the washroom which gives you plenty of space to keep your toiletries.  

Patterns create a spectacular focal point

Instagram: @thesmallbathroomcompany 

This bathroom fantastically shows that you don’t need to opt for a minimalist design to look spacious. The striking tile design creates a glorious focal point. I love the way the black and white tiles give the impression of the room having more depth. The interesting choice of contrasting neutral speckled stone tiles work wonderfully alongside the feature tiles making the space not too overbearing. The attention to detail with the bronze shower head, black wall hung towel rail and a spiky green cactus in the corner make super finishing touches. 

Eye-catching flooring gives the appearance of more space

Instagram: @hardcastletowers 

The floor tiles @hardcastletoers have used here really shows their fun personality and creates a modern contemporary look which your eyes are instantly drawn to. The floor tiles being the same throughout generates the appearance of a far deeper room. I like the way they have opted for traditional tiled walls and sink basin which give a cool vintage twist alongside the contemporary styling. The framed door which wonderfully contrasts against the woodwork and tiles is another fantastic eye-catching feature. Adding some of your favourite artwork is a great way to bring your personality into your small bathroom.

Large Mirrors are always a winning choice

Instagram: @gaia_miacola_architetto

Mirrors are always a winning choice when working with a small space. They are practical as well as decorative, they give the illusion of space by reflecting light around the room and will 100% make the room appear bigger than it is. I particularly love that this large mirror has a light feature around its edges making it look like it is beautifully glowing and floating above the sink basin. This bathroom just looks so luxurious with its warm tones and sleek tiles

Don’t shy away from accessories

Instagram: @thehousethatjenbuilt 

The gorgeous shutters on the large window allow the natural light to beam through which really helps open up the space,whilst still providing that much needed privacy in your bathroom. The gorgeous leafy green plants bring a splash of colour and give a warm welcoming feel, the hanging wicker basket frees up floor space and adds a homely charm to the setting whilst providing storage space. The bath tray is another clever styling piece perfect for holding your trinkets and toiletries whilst saving space. Here @thehousethatjenbuilt beautifully demonstrates that you really don’t have to have cut back on the accessories to make your small bathroom feel spacious. 

8. Do you really need a bathtub?


Here shows that even the smallest spaces can still be practical and portray your personality and style. Opting for a shower which doesn’t take up too much space, like a freestanding bath would. The clear glass screen helps give the illusion of a larger space with the touch of gold on the frame which wonderfully ties in with the gorgeous gold taps and shower head. The real showstopper here is the large vanity unit in a wonderful dusty pink which looks glorious against the gold trimmings.

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Have fun with your space and break the rules a little

Instagram: @jackiegiardia

Sometimes it’s best to break the rules a little and just let your personality shine through with your small bathroom styling to really make the space feel like your own. Here, @jackiegiardia wonderfully demonstrates that defying the norm can work and I think you will agree this small bathroom looks fabulous! I love how the sleek glossy tiles really showcase the bright floral patterned shower curtain which gloriously reflects in the gold vintage mirror. The golden wall light above the mirror helps illuminate the space while adding a touch of glamour. 

A dark colour scheme can be done    

Instagram: @thersea_gromski 

You may be scared to use dark colours in a small space but a dark earthy colour scheme with warm rustic styling as we see here, shows it can be done.The rustic wooden bathtub panelling adds a lovely warmth and character to the room. I love the combination of textures, the leafy green plants, the wicker basket and the glossy sink. It all works wonderfully. The natural light streaming in through the window really does allow this dark colour scheme to not look sombre but more homely. 

Bespoke Crittal style shower screen doors

Instagram: @idealhomeuk

How stunning are these bespoke Crittall shower screen doors, being fitted floor to ceiling make the room feel bigger. The romantic vibe from the crittall styling really catches your eye. While the grey tones on the walls are beautifully illuminated by all the sunshine beaming in from the skylight. The recessed shelving in the shower has been used to house some gorgeous plants which help brighten up the room and give a warm welcoming feel. The traditional sink being wall hung also frees up the space, some great small bathroom design ideas here!

Frameless glass shower screens and a small bathtub

Instagram:@ _bethathome 

If you really can’t give up your long soaks in the bath, then opt for a small built-in bath and shower to help save space. The use of a frameless shower screen helps open up the space even further. I love the way @bethathome_ has panelled the bath with the gorgeous marble tiles she has used throughout her bathroom which creates the illusion of more space. The dark painted ceiling against the white marble gives a warm cosy feeling that I have to highlight as a splendid styling choice. 

Simple styling touches can make a difference

 Instagram: @simopdesigns 

A few simple styling options is all you need to make your small bathroom appear bigger. I love the way @simopdesings has simply hung two beautiful light pendants on the wall hanging either side of her gorgeous mirror. The pendants hanging from the ceiling free up the wall space making it seem less cluttered and give the appearance of a larger room. The super slimline sink with just enough room on the lip to place your hand soap and a small decorative piece also adds to the illusion. 

You can be bold

Instagram: @berg.interior 

Here we have another bold and fabulous small bathroom. This again proves you don’t need to stick to light neural tones and minimal styling to create a larger space. If bold patterns and colours are your thing then you can run wild with them in your bathroom. The clever use of geometric tiles from the wall to the floor create the illusion of a much deeper bathroom and create a fantastic feature wall. The narrow wall hung radiator is another stylish space saver.

Wallpaper and panelling

Instagram: @heyitsjovanna  

Wow just look at this bathroom with so many eye-catching styling choices, I don’t know which is my favourite! But I think it might have to be the patterned wallpaper. Patterned wallpaper is a great option if you want to add a touch of sophistication and fun into your space, and it works particularly well in bathrooms with panelled walls. If you have a small bathroom with no natural light, then using a patterned wall paper can stop the room feeling dull. I love the way the sleek black wall panelling alongside the wallpaper showcases the wallpaper and accessories even more.

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