Farrow and Ball Duck Green: 6 Gorgeous Examples of How to Use it in Your Home

Farrow and Ball’s Duck Green is a beautiful deep green. The colour is named, of course, after the green feathers of a mallard. This shade of green is smart and sophisticated, and depending on the colours you choose to pair it with, this versatile colour can create a wide variety of different looks, from traditional to contemporary. Farrow and Ball created this stunning colour in collaboration with the Natural History Museum (my favourite museum, by the way) with the aim of bringing the colours of nature into people’s homes. And they nailed it!

There are many benefits to using the colour green in your home. Green is a naturally calming colour, subconsciously reminding us of nature, and making us feel safe. It has even been shown to improve focus and creativity in studies.

There aren’t many good pictures of Duck Green available online, so if you’re looking for images for inspiration, you will want to head to Instagram. Alternatively, you can keep reading, because in this article I’m sharing some of my favourite images of how Duck Green by Farrow and Ball can be used in the home.

Farrow and Ball Duck Green Living Room

This is a great example of how Farrow and Ball’s Duck Green can be used to create a contemporary and sophisticated living room. In this image from @thevictorianterraced house on Instagram, they have used Duck green in combination with a crisp shade of white. The result is absolutely beautiful!

Painting just one wall in a rich dark colour such as Duck Green can create an impact in your room, without making your room feel too dark. The beautiful white marble fireplace contrasts perfectly with the green walls, creating balance on that wall of the room, and allowing it to take centre stage.

Check out these dark green living room ideas for more inspiration.

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Bathroom Painted in Duck Green by Farrow and Ball

Duck Green works beautifully in this bathroom, adding to the traditional, almost regal look of this bathroom design. With a freestanding roll-top bath, a black and white checkered marble floor, and a marble backsplash behind the sink, everything about this bathroom is elegant. I just love it all.

Gold hardware and wall sconces add a touch of glamour to the space, with the gold colour also injecting some warmth and life to the colour scheme. This is definitely a bathroom that needs to be lingered in!

A traditional bathroom painted in duck green by Farrow and Ball with a black and white checked floor and a white freestanding rollmop bath.

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Farrow and Ball Duck Green Kitchen

Duck Green by Farrow and Ball works really well on kitchen cabinets, making the space feel grounded and calm. This kitchen by @adamsfamilyreno on Instagram shows how Duck Green can be used to create a fun and exciting kitchen that’s just bursting with life. The crisp white worktops contrast beautifully with the Duck Green cabinets creating a clean line between the dark cabinets below and the bright colourful tiles and accessories above.

These pink hexagonal tiles are the perfect partner for the Duck Green cabinets. The reason they work so well together is because red and green are complementary colours, and pink is simply a lighter shade of red. Complementary colours always look amazing together, but getting the balance right is key.

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Bedroom With Bathtub Painted in Duck Green

The Duck Green walls and ceiling in this bedroom by @old_house_on_the_canal on Instagram create an instantly calming space, ideal for winding down at the end of the day. I can’t get enough of the beautiful freestanding bathtub, painted in the same shade of green as the walls. And the cosy log burner in the fireplace—what a perfect place to spend a winter’s evening!

Painting the ceiling in the same colour as your walls is a great way to create a sophisticated look in your space. This technique works particularly well if you have crown molding. It eliminates that harsh line you get where the walls and ceiling meet, and instead keeps your eye moving upwards and around the room. This can actually make your space feel larger when done right and can work really well with darker colours.

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Contemporary Kitchen in Duck Green

Oh my, oh my! Here we have another example of how well dark green cabinets in a kitchen can work with a sleek white stone/composite worktop. This kitchen is just stunning. They have somehow managed to blend traditional with contemporary perfectly to create a timeless kitchen design that will never go out of style.

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Duck Green Kitchen – Farrow and Ball

And last but not least, another kitchen painted in Duck Green. The walls in this image have been painted in Farrow and Ball’s Pink Ground, which is a very subtle shade of pink. As you can see, it works really well to create a sophisticated look in this charming country kitchen.

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What Colour Goes With Duck Green?

Farrow and Ball make their own recommendations on their website, but in the end, it comes down to personal taste. I do, however, have some of my own recommendations for choosing the best colour to go with Duck Green. These ideas are a little more contemporary than the colour schemes recommended by Farrow and Ball.

If you’re looking for a warm colour to go with Duck Green, then a Pink will work well. Try Cinder Rose, or Pink Ground if you want something a little more subtle.

When it comes to choosing a shade of white to go with Duck Green, I’m a big fan of Wimborne White. This has a hint of yellow to it. I also love All White (No. 2005) which is a crisp, pure white.

Remember to order tester pots and test the colours on all four walls of your room before getting started. Paint colours can look wildly different depending on the way your room is facing, so what works in one room might not work in another.

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