Dark Green Living Room Ideas: How to Use This Rich Colour

Reminiscent of deep forests and rich foliage, dark green has been steadily climbing the ranks in home decor trends, and for good reason. In this blog post, I’m sharing some of my favourite dark green living rooms. These ideas will hopefully inspire you to transform your own living room into an oasis of tranquility and style.

Whether you’re a fan of modern minimalism, classic elegance, or bohemian chic, dark green offers versatility and a unique charm that caters to various tastes and design preferences. Join us as we uncover a myriad of ways to incorporate this bold yet soothing color into your living space.

Dark Green Living Room With a White Rug

Image via Farrow and Ball

This inviting living space beautifully showcases how dark green walls can add depth and sophistication to a living room. The rich, dark green paint acts as a perfect backdrop for an eclectic mix of framed artwork. This creates a gallery-like feel that adds personal charm and character. A plush, navy blue velvet sectional sofa invites you to sink in and relax. Meanwhile, a matching tufted ottoman doubles as a coffee table, exuding luxury and comfort with this sophisticated colour combination.

Natural light filters through the room. This highlights the subtle sheen of the velvet and the textured white rug that softens the space underfoot. The vintage wooden cabinet on the left adds a touch of rustic warmth, contrasting with the room’s modern elements. The overall design is a masterclass in balancing color and texture. A wonderful way to create a living room that feels both modern and timeless.

Panelled Dark Green Living Room Designed by Emily Henderson

Image credit: Emily Henderson

Green Paint Colour: Mountain Road by Sherwin Williams

If you’re looking for a Farrow and Ball alternative to Mountain Road, Treron is a great option.

This cozy living room exudes a sense of quiet sophistication with its monochromatic green palette. Featuring paneled walls painted in a muted green tone, which blend with the textured forest green couch. A variety of throw pillows in earthy tones and patterns adds depth and interest to the seating area.

Natural wood elements, seen in the robust round coffee table and side stool, inject a Scandinavian-inspired simplicity and warmth. The abstract artwork above the couch introduces a splash of contrasting colors and artistic flair. This draws the eye and adding a touch of eclecticism. The minimalist window treatment allows natural light to stream in, highlighting the room’s textures and serene atmosphere. This space is a testament to how a single color theme, when played with in texture and shade, can create a richly layered and inviting interior.

Traditional Dark Green Living Room

Designed by Brandon Schubert

Paint Colour: Farrow and Ball Castle Grey

This classically styled living room radiates a sense of refined elegance and timeless charm. The walls, painted in a stately dark green, serve as a dignified backdrop for the array of oil paintings. The room is anchored by a striking marble fireplace, which creates a focal point for gatherings.

A bold, burnt orange ottoman contrasts beautifully with the green walls. This adds a bright pop of vibrant color amidst the more subdued tones.

Elegant Living Room Painted in Treron by Farrow and Ball

Image via @verfbehangmarcovandenberg

Paint Colour: Treron

This image captures the essence of a dark green living room, where elegance and comfort converge amidst a palette of rich, natural tones. The room is centered around a classic black fireplace, a traditional design that exudes warmth and invites gathering.

The walls, painted a deep, sage green, provide a serene backdrop that complements the dark wood tones of the fireplace and the furniture. The plush, olive green velvet sofa promises relaxation and luxury, inviting one to linger and enjoy the fire.

This living room is a tasteful blend of traditional features and contemporary comforts. The designer has succeeded in creating a space that feels both timeless and inviting.

Timeless Living Room With Dark Green Walls

Image via Pinterest

Paint Colour: Card Room Green

This living room scene is the epitome of classic comfort infused with chic design elements. The space is characterized by a harmonious blend of dark green and neutral tones, creating a welcoming and balanced aesthetic. The traditional fireplace has been replaced with a wood-burning stove. It is set against a wall painted in a calming shade of dark green. This contrasts beautifully with the reclaimed wooden mantelpiece above. 

The unique round mirror with a simple yet elegant frame reflects the ambient light, enhancing the sense of spaciousness in the room. A tastefully arranged shelf sits above the fireplace, displaying an assortment of decorative items that add a personal touch to the space. The built-in cabinetry in a darker shade of green complements the wall color and also provides stylish storage.

A large wicker basket suggests functionality and a place for cozy throws or extra cushions.

The overall feel of the room is one of casual elegance, where traditional design meets modern comfort. This is an ideal space for both unwinding and entertaining.

Green Living Room With a Contrasting White Fireplace

Image Credit: Malcolm Menzies

This living room is a delightful fusion of traditional charm and eclectic styling, enveloped in a rich dark green that evokes a feeling of warmth and sophistication. The walls are adorned with a series of framed bird illustrations, their vivid colors popping against the muted green backdrop, offering a gallery-like ambiance that’s both cultured and whimsical.

The use of patterned textiles, from the paisley throw to the ikat pillow, injects a bohemian vibe, while the varied lighting — from the wall sconce to the table lamp with its patterned shade — adds layers of light and character. This room is a testament to the idea that a home can be both a showcase for beautiful things and a comfortable place for daily living.

Dark Green Living Room Wallpaper

Pheasant Wallpaper

This image portrays a serene corner of a living room that speaks to the elegance of understated design. The walls are dressed in a wallpaper featuring a classic pattern in shades of dark green, which gives the room a touch of historical charm and depth. The repeating motifs on the wallpaper create a sense of rhythm and sophistication.

Centered in this tranquil setting is a traditional white fireplace with a clean, unadorned mantle that holds an assortment of pottery in neutral tones, complementing the room’s overall muted color palette. The gentle flames in the fireplace provide a warm and inviting glow, creating a cozy atmosphere ideal for relaxing evenings.

In front of the fireplace, a plush sofa in a soft beige tone offers a comfortable spot for sitting and enjoying the fire’s warmth. The sofa is adorned with a cushion that subtly echoes the room’s color scheme. A rustic wooden coffee table sits in the foreground, its rugged surface adding texture and a hint of rustic charm to the space. On the table, a tray with candle holders and a white cup suggests a setting prepared for a moment of leisure—perhaps enjoying a warm drink while unwinding.

The room combines traditional elements with a sense of homely comfort, creating a space that feels both timeless and inviting. It’s a perfect blend of formality and ease. A place where one can enjoy the simple pleasures of home in an environment rich with subtle elegance.

Modern Living Room With Green Wallpaper

Fiori Midnight Wallpaper

This image showcases a modern living room that truly embodies the spirit of botanical bliss. The wall is dressed in a dramatic, dark green wallpaper adorned with a lush pattern of tropical foliage, creating a bold and immersive backdrop that transports one to a serene, forested sanctuary. The play of different green tones and leafy patterns imbues the room with a vibrant, organic energy.

In stark, stylish contrast to the complexity of the wallpaper, a sleek, tufted sofa in a deep shade of green velvet offers a luxurious spot to recline. Its elegant lines and button detailing echo the sophistication of mid-century modern design. A round coffee table with a copper frame and glass top sits at the forefront, reflecting a contemporary aesthetic and providing a surface for a curated selection of decorative objects that complement the room’s color scheme.

A verdant potted palm to the side of the sofa enhances the room’s biophilic design, reinforcing the connection to nature. The bright green door frames the scene, creating a continuous flow of greenery throughout the space. Light filters in through the window, casting a natural glow and highlighting the textures and colors of the room.

The overall composition of the space is a testament to modern design principles, where color, texture, and form are balanced in harmony to create a living area that is both stylish and comfortable, a haven for those who appreciate the beauty of the natural world within a contemporary setting.

Dark Green Living Room Wallpaper

Palm Print Wallpaper

This image features a refined and elegant wall adorned with dark green wallpaper that boasts a sophisticated pattern of tropical palm fronds. The rich, deep hues of green are highlighted by touches of gold, imparting a sense of luxury and an almost tactile texture to the wall.

The overall effect is one of opulent calm, where the lushness of a tropical grove meets the chic appeal of modern design, making for a space that is both striking and harmonious.

Dark Green Panelling with Wallpaper

Paradise Cheetah Wallpaper

This living room corner is a striking example of how bold patterns and vibrant colors can coexist to create a space that is both dynamic and sophisticated. The upper portion of the wall is enveloped in a stunning dark wallpaper. The lively pattern of peacocks amidst a foliage of leaves and florals, conveys a sense of opulence and vitality.

Below, the lower section of the wall is also paneled in a deep green. This matches the darker tones of the wallpaper, providing a solid visual foundation that grounds the room. This wainscoting adds architectural interest and a touch of classic styling, harmonizing with the more modern elements in the space.

The plush mustard yellow armchair serves as a vivid focal point. Its rich, velvety texture and curvaceous form offer a sumptuous contrast to the wall’s intricate designs. The chair is adorned with a cushion that mirrors the wallpaper’s motif, seamlessly integrating the patterns and colors.

The ensemble is a masterful blend of color, pattern, and texture. Overall it creates a space that feels both exotic and intimately personal.

Elegant Green Living Room Wallpaper

Crane Fonda Wallpaper

This living room design is a testament to tasteful interior design. A fusion of mid-century modern furniture and whimsical wallpaper creates a space that is both stylish and serene. The walls are adorned with a captivating wallpaper featuring a beautiful pattern of elegant cranes .

Final Thoughts

As you can see, dark green has the power to completely change the mood of a living room. It brings the calming essence of the great outdoors into our homes, creating sanctuaries of serenity and sophistication.

Whether you choose to paint a single accent wall in this verdant shade or envelop the entire room in its lush embrace, the different shades of dark green can offer a canvas for both bold statements and subtle whispers. It also works in harmony with a spectrum of textures, patterns, and materials. From the plush luxury of velvet to the raw beauty of wood.

So, as you contemplate your next design project, consider the allure of dark green. It promises a journey through style and comfort that’s as refreshing as a walk through a forest—right there, in the heart of your home.

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