10 Sublime Sage Green Paint Colours to Create a Calming Space

If you’re looking for a fresh and calming paint colour for your home, Sage green is a great option. Sage green paint colours are very popular right now, and it’s easy to see why. This versatile shade can be used in any room of your home, and it can work well with a variety of different interior design styles.

This soft shade of green is perfect for creating a peaceful oasis in any room. Not sure which sage green paint colour is right for you? Here are my favourite options.

Why Sage Green is One of The Best Colours for Bedrooms and Living Areas

This wonderfully calming hue is often associated with nature and peace, and is known to have a calming effect on the mind.

In fact, green is so effective at promoting relaxation that it is often used in hospitals, and even during therapy sessions for people suffering from anxiety disorders. This study proved that exposure to the colour green reduces stress, anxiety, and pain in dental patients with no adverse effects.

How amazing is that?

The colour green is also very easy on the eyes. This is because, with a wavelength of about 550nm, it’s at the centre of the visible colour spectrum. This makes it easy for our eyes to see without straining, which in turn, can help promote relaxation.

So if you’ve been feeling tense or stressed, try incorporating some green into your environment. You may just find that it has a very positive impact on your state of mind.

The Best Sage Green Paint Colours

So, without further ado, here are my favourite sage green paint colours. 

Farrow and Ball Vert de Terre No.234

Boho bedroom painted in sage green paint

Image credit: @anna_elizabeth_home

This gorgeous bedroom by Anna Elizabeth is painted in Farrow and Ball’s Vert de Terre, a delicate, soft sage green. As you can see, it works amazingly well as an accent wall behind the bed in this room. The other wall is painted white which keeps the space feeling fresh and bright—a wonderful two-colour combination for a bedroom!

Children's bedroom painted in sage green paint

Image and Interior Design by @samscottwood

This is a fantastic example of how sage green paint can work in a children’s bedroom. Farrow and Ball’s Vert de Terre provides the perfect backdrop for the cute, colourful accessories, toys, and wall decor in this bedroom, creating a calming yet fun and playful space.

You can order a free colour card, along with Sample pots of Vert de Terre here.

Dulux Sage Green by Dulux Heritage

Home Office painted in sage green paint

If you’re looking for a Dulux sage green, you will be pleased to know they have one in their Heritage range. This lovely shade of green can work well in the master bedroom, home office, and even the living room. In fact, it’s one of the best office paint colours. It’s slightly brighter than Farrow and Ball’s Vert de Terre above, but it works just as well to create a calm and refined space.

You can order this colour for home delivery, or find your local stockist on the Dulux Heritage Website

Green 09 by Lick

sage green wall paint

Lick is one of the newest paint brands in the UK, but they’re already taking the market by storm. I listed them in my article about the best UK paint brands, and if you give them a try, you’ll see why they made the cut. I am currently using Lick paint to paint my daughter’s bedroom, so I’ll share the full review soon! ** Update! Check out the Lick Paint review for the full lowdown**

Lick’s Sage Green paint (Green 09) is similar to Farrow and Ball’s Vert de Terre, although it’s slightly cooler. It has slight yellow undertones, which will look wonderful in south or south-westerly-facing rooms.

You can order peel-and-stick samples here.

Sage Green Paint by Dunelm

dark sage green paint colour on a wall

If you’re already a fan of Dunelm, you will be pleased to know that they also have their own paint range, and it’s been getting great reviews!

Dunelm’s sage green paint is a touch darker than the others on this list, but it still has all of the warmth you would expect from a sage green colour. This dark green-grey colour has plenty of warmth and richness to it, making it a wonderful choice for creating a relaxed yet refined space.

Lightest sage green paint colour on a bedroom wall

Image via Dunelm Reviews

The paint itself is great quality, with a nice, thick consistency, so it’s great to work with. The coverage is really good, and it dries fairly quickly too, making it a great choice for quick DIY projects.

Best of all, it’s super affordable, at just £20 for a 2.5l tin.

You can order peel-and-stick samples here.

Sage Green Paint by Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley sage green paint colour in a traditional living room

Laura Ashley’s sage green paint is called ‘Sage Leaf’. This soft green-grey paint colour is easy to live with, and will work well in living rooms and bedrooms. This paint is fairly pricey, so be sure to order a tester and try it on your walls before making a decision.

Order here

The Lightest Sage Green Paint: Johnstone’s Natural Sage

boys bedroom painted in a light sage green colour

Johnstone’s Natural Sage paint is a paler shade of Sage Green that’s almost pastel in colour. This uplifting colour is a good choice for children’s bedrooms and nurseries.

The only downside is that this paint is slightly thinner than other brands, so it can be a little more difficult to work with. However, you should still be able to get full coverage from two coats, and once it’s dry, the finish is a lovely softened green.

It’s very affordable, at just £13.99 for 2.5 litres, so it’s a great choice for anyone on a budget.

Order it here

COAT Sage Green Paint

Calming master bedroom with panelling painted in sage green

Image via Coat Paint by @oursomersetnest

Coat Paints’ Sage green paint colour is called ‘Detox’, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. This soft green-grey colour has a warmth to it that will look great paired with white and off-white colours.

Order samples here.

Dulux Tranquil Dawn Paint

Bedroom with walls painted in sage green and cream

Although this paint isn’t actually called Sage Green, I would consider Tranquil Dawn to be very close to a Sage Green colour—especially in warm natural light. This soft green-grey paint has a hint of blue in it, and in spaces with less natural light, it could pass for a duck egg blue colour.

You can order samples here.

Farrow and Ball Eddy

bedroom with shiplap walls painted in Eddy sage green by farrow and ball

Eddy is one of Farrow and Ball’s newest colours, and I have to say, it’s absolutely gorgeous. This soft sage green colour is calming and tranquil—perfect for creating a space that will bring you back to nature.

You can order samples and a free Farrow and Ball colour card here.


Sage Green Front Door

Frenchic Paints

Wise Old Sage by Frenchic is a timeless sage green that will bring a feeling of calm and tranquillity to your home. It’s an ideal choice for those looking for a green grey paint colour. 

It’s subtle colour has gray undertones which helps deepen the tone without dampening the sage green hues. The paint itself is high quality and durable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s perfect for giving your front door a fresh look or updating outside furniture. An ideal choice for wherever you would like a modern botanical and light green in your home.

Order samples here

Further reading:

What Colour Goes With Sage Green Paint?

If you’re wondering which paint colours go best with Sage Green, you’re in the right place.

If you want to create a space that’s tranquil yet bright and uplifting, your best bet will be to pair Sage Green with a lighter off-white accent colour such as Slipper Satin. Slipper Satin is a chalky off-white that looks beautiful when paired with Sage Green. For example, a kitchen with sage green cabinets and Slipper satin walls would work wonders.

Pure whites will look great with Sage Green too. If you’re looking for a pure white, try Farrow and Ball’s All White, this pure white only contains white pigments, so it feels a little warmer than a typical ‘Pure Brilliant White’ paint.

If you’re looking for a darker accent colour to use with Sage Green, then Farrow and Ball’s Railings is an excellent choice. This soft black has blue undertones, and is perfect for using as an accent colour with Sage Green. Try using it on kitchen cabinets, staircases and banisters, radiators, and even doors and trim, alongside sage green walls for a striking modern look.

And finally, soft grey. Soft greys work well with Sage green paint colours, thanks to the face that Sage green already has grey undertones. My top choice’s would be Hardwick White or Pigeon, both by Farrow and Ball.

Is Sage a Warm or Cool Green?

Sage is a light green-grey paint colour with a slight yellow undertone, which gives it a touch of warmth. It’s ideal for creating spaces that are both welcoming and calming.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to create a tranquil oasis or add a pop of nature to your home with a sage green wall, there’s a sage green paint colour out there that’s perfect for you.

If you’re based in the US, you might also want to check out Sherwin Williams Clary Sage, and Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage and October Mist.

I hope these colours have inspired you to find the perfect shade of sage green paint for your own home! If you’re ready to choose curtains, check out these beautiful curtains for green walls.

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