The Best Office Paint Colours for A Productive and Creative Workspace

Whether you’re decorating a shared workspace or looking at paint colours for a home office, it is well worth taking some time to choose the perfect colour. In this article, I’m sharing some the best office paint colours to help you create a workspace that is both productive, and relaxing to be in.

When choosing a colour palette for your office, it’s important to consider colour psychology. How do you want your space to feel? Do you want to feel calm, or energised? Creative, or analytical?

Some colours are known for their calming effect whilst others can help to encourage creativity. For this reason, the best paint colours for you may vary depending on what your office is going to be used for.

The 11 Best Office Paint Colours

Let’s take a look at what colour options there are and the sort of office these would be most suited to.

1. White

A home office painted in All White by Farrow and Ball

Image: via Farrow and Ball. Paint Colour: All White 

White paint may seem like an uninspiring choice for an office wall colour. However, if you’re looking to create an office environment that feels fresh and bright then white is a good choice.

One of the great things about choosing white for an office environment is that you can then team it up with pretty much any other colour or décor choices to make the perfect office for your needs.

Artwork hung on crisp white walls allows it to stand out without making the walls feel too busy. You can also add in splashes of colour by adding some bold office furniture to brighten things up. You could even add in an accent wall in another colour.

Image via Farrow and Ball. Paint Colour: School House White

If you’re looking for a colour for somewhere that people visit and you want the whole place to feel fresh and clean then white is a good choice.

It’s also a calming colour that isn’t going to be too much of a distraction. This makes it a great choice for office spaces where being productive is super important.

2. Dark Blue

A library office painted in Stiffkey Blue by Farrow and Ball

Image source: Farrow and Ball. Designed by @kandhdesignltd. Paint Colour: Stiffkey Blue

Dark blue is a great colour for rooms where you need a sense of calm in order to be productive. If the tasks you’re due to carry out in your office space require concentration then a shade of blue is a great choice and a dark blue even better.

Blue is thought to be an intellectual colour. It can help to encourage deep thought and good communication, which is why it is one of the most popular modern office colours.

Dark Blue Office paint colour

Office Design by Steel Street Studios

Navy blue has a sense of professionalism about it, great for both home offices and shared office spaces. Using it as a background for storage and shelves where pops of colour can be seen from items such as books that are being stored on them can help to break up the darkness of the shade and complete the whole look of the office perfectly.

Some of my favourite dark blue colours are Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue, and Stiffkey Blue by Farrow and Ball.

3. Green/Grey

Office painted in Pigeon by Farrow and ball

Image via Farrow and Ball. Paint Colour: Pigeon

Green grey paint colours are soothing, calming colours that are ideal for an office environment.

Green/grey shades like Pigeon by Farrow and Ball are an excellent choice for office spaces where being calm is key.

Grey on its own doesn’t really promote any particular emotion, so ideal for spaces where being neutral is key. The hint of green in the shade as shown in this image lifts the greyness of the paint giving the space a light and natural feel. This beautiful colour will work well in a home office as well as a corporate environment.

Grey on its own could be considered a dull choice for an office space, where usually lighter colours are recommended. Mixing this with green helps to give the perfect compromise of both. This makes it an ideal choice for office spaces where you want to promote calmness and wellbeing. 

4. Sage Green Paint

Sage green office paint colour

Image source

Sage green is a subtle colour choice perfect for office spaces where you want a more natural feel. Wooden furniture and rustic designs for example. One of the nicest things about sage green as a colour choice is how calming the colour is. This makes for a great work environment.

The natural tones in sage green are great for feeling close to nature, which in itself is perfect for helping promote wellbeing and good mental health. The muted, soft green tones will also help to create a calming space.

5. Pink

Home office study painted in a muted pink colour

Home Office Designed by The Home Page. Paint Colour: Sulking Room Pink 

When you think of pink as a colour, usually it is the bright and fun shade that first comes to mind. Whilst a bright shade of pink can be great, there are also plenty of options for more subtle shades perfect for a fun home office. Sulking room pink is a great choice for designing an office or creative space that is warm and welcoming.

Accessories that go well with pink wall are in abundance too! From wicker office chairs to rose gold lamp stands, you’ll find that whatever colour scheme you want to work with your new pink walls you’ll be able to find things that suit.

The great thing about a subtle shade of pink is that it works with a range of other colours, so you can use your office accessories to make the room into your perfect colour scheme.

Home office space painted in Pink Ground by Farrow and Ball

Image via Farrow and Ball. Design by @house_on_the_way – Paint colours: Pink Ground and Railings

Dark grey and black work really well with pink to help create a more adult-looking environment whilst not forgetting the fun injection that pink can add to a room.

Check out some other fabulous pink wall colour ideas for some more inspiration!

6. Black

Home office painted in the Colour: Downpipe by Farrow and Ball

Image via Farrow and Ball. Design by @amykartheiserdesign. Paint colour: Down Pipe

When you’re considering the best colour for study and work, black probably isn’t the first colour that comes to mind. However, it can work really well—especially in smaller spaces,  and it’s a colour that shouldn’t be overlooked!

If you’re looking to create a sophisticated office space then black is a perfect place to start.

Black is a great colour for promoting the feeling of calm and can help to create the illusion of space which is great for offices where space is limited. Adding some colour and natural lighting using art and furniture will help to help brighten up the whole room and the overall feeling of the workspace.

7. Grey

Grey office paint colours with matching grey rug

Image via The Rug Company. Paint colour: Pavilion Gray

Thankfully when it comes to grey there are plenty of choices to go for. This means that whatever you have in mind for your office space there will be a paint shade to suit you.

Many feel that grey is a cold colour, so teaming it up with the right colour accessories and style choices throughout the rest of the office can make all the difference. For example, choosing solid wood furniture in a warm toned finish, or by adding brightly coloured artwork in order to complete the look of the office perfectly. 

8. Orange

Office with a bright orange feature wall

Image via Farrow and Ball. Paint colour: Dutch Orange

Bright and bold colours are a great choice for many office spaces and orange is a great place to start.

In general, the colour orange makes us think of fun and energy. This is perfect for office spaces where being creative is a must!

In fact, for many people, it is considered one of the best colours for a home office space because it promotes energy which can sometimes be hard to muster when working from home on your own.

Orange is a colour that is full of life and makes you feel active and ready to go. This is exactly what you want from any sort of creative office space and is why it’s a great shade to be considered for either a home or corporate office.

9. Yellow

Pink and yellow colour combination on office walls

Image via Dove Cottage Blog

Yellow is one of the best modern office colours around!

If a bright, energising office is in your future then you don’t have to be limited to just choosing the colour orange, because there are plenty of choices out there.

Although it can seem like a brave and unusual choice, yellow paint is a great choice of colour for many office spaces. The great thing about yellow is that you can go for something bright like sunshine yellow or something much paler and subtle, depending on the feeling you want to create.

If you’re looking for a paint colour for a modern office that is both inspiring and energetic, then the colour yellow is a great choice.

It’s a colour that reminds us of summer. And as such, it also promotes warmth and sunshine, which is great for an office where you want everyone to feel warm and welcome.

Too much yellow can be overpowering, so try using yellow as an accent colour in a white or grey office. It can work well as a feature wall, and is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to increase productivity and creativity.

10. Greige

Mid century modern home office painted in greige and navy blue

Image via Farrow and Ball. Designed by: @my_midcenturymakeover. Paint colours: Hardwick White and Hague Blue

Grey is a great choice, but for some, they want something a little different than just a dark shade on the walls.

Greige is one of the best neutral colours for those that want a natural tinge to any colours that they have on their wall. In fact, it is currently one of the most popular colour choices for those redecorating!

Farrow and Ball’s Hardwick white is the perfect shade of Greige paint.

It’s a great colour for offices where a sense of calm is encouraged because it’s a colour that is both soothing and promotes balance. Office life isn’t always the easiest and there will be times of tension, so the colour on the wall that promotes balance and calmness can be a great choice.

11. Pale Grey Blue

Modern home office painted in grey blue and white stripes

Image by Interior Designers Sloan Polish Design

Although grey is a great choice for office space, it can be dark and as such mixing the shade with something else really helps. The great news is that when it comes to the colour grey there are plenty of different options out there. This means that whatever you have in mind for your office there will be something to suit.

Pale Grey Blue is a great choice for many offices because it allows the calmness of grey to be intersected with a splash of blue to help lighten up the mood of the office and the look of the whole place. If you’re looking for a pale blue colour for your office, Farrow and Ball’s Borrowed Light is a wonderful choice.

The Best Farrow and Ball Office Paint Colours

Farrow and Ball is one of the best UK paint brands. They have a fantastic range of interior paint colours that are suitable use in office spaces. The best thing you can do is consider what your office space will predominantly be used for . Once you have done this, you can choose the right paint colour to suit you.

For example, you might want to consider the best colour for study or you might want to think about the best colour for creativity, and take it from there. 

For a fresh-looking office then white is a great choice for the walls, especially as it can be teamed up with so many other colours. Farrow and Ball do a fantastic Shaded White (number 201). This white is a really deep beige-white shade that helps to add richness to the room.

It’s such a nice white that it can be teamed up with so many other colours when choosing furniture and accessories for the rest of the workspace to help create the perfect office environment.

For office spaces with a more neutral feel then green is a great choice. Once again, Farrow and Ball have a great choice of green colours to choose from.

A subtle shade of green can be a great choice, especially if you’re looking for a shade that promotes the feeling of comfort and nature. Teresa’s Green is a lovely shade of green that isn’t overbearing and a great choice for many office spaces.

Darker tones can work really well too and if grey is your thing then Farrow and Ball have loads of options available to you. Railings (number 31) is a dark almost slate shade of grey that can be teamed up with furniture and accessories of all colours to complete your office space perfectly.

The Best Dulux Office Paint Colours

As you might imagine Dulux also offer a range of paint colours that are perfect for those looking for the best office paint colours. 

Tranquil Dawn is a really lovely shade of light grey that goes well on pretty much any wall. It’s great for rooms with lots of natural light. It makes a great blank canvas for those looking to have an office space with artwork and bright colours hung on the walls. 

Dulux also do neutral shades really well, especially if you’re looking for something that is muted and subtle. Egyptian Cotton has a homely feel to it, which is great for small office spaces and home offices, promoting comfort and warmth within its walls. 

Brighter colours are perfect for office spaces where being creative is a must. If this sounds like the office space you’re looking to create then Pressed Petal by Dulux is a lovely bright shade that is sure to inject a sense of fun in just about any office space it is used in. 

What is the Best Colour for an Office?

If you’re undecided on which colour to choose for your office, you can’t go wrong with a pale shade of grey-green. Green is one of the most calming colours around, and can naturally help lower cortisol as we associate it with nature. This makes it a wonderful choice for home offices and corporate offices alike.

My top three choices for green paint colours for an office are:

  • Teresa’s Green – A fresh and welcoming green with aqua tones
  • Mizzle – A beautiful pale green grey colour
  • Pigeon – The perfect balance of blue, green, and grey

I hope you have found this guide useful. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.

Emily Brookes
Emily Brookes

Emily Brookes is an Interior Designer based in the UK. Since graduating from the National Design Academy with a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, Emily started her successful blog, Emily May Designs, which shares ideas and inspiration on how to create a beautiful home.

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