Farrow and Ball Tallow

If you’re looking for a rich cream colour to illuminate your walls, Farrow and Ball Tallow is a fantastic choice. This warm cream is perfect for brightening up darker rooms, and because of the way it reflects light and the depth of colour, it almost glows. The result is a space that’s both bright and cosy, so it’s an ideal choice for living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms.

Before we start, a word of warning. Many decorators will say that Tallow can be colour matched with a cheaper brand. However, I would definitely not recommend trying to colour-match Tallow. While the colours might look the same in the tin or on paper, once the paint is dry on the walls, you will see a big difference in the finish. Cheaper brands simply don’t give the same ‘Glowing’ effect that you get with Tallow. If you are unsure, make sure you get samples before buying the paint you need.

Order Samples and a free Farrow and Ball colour card here.

Farrow and Ball Tallow Kitchen

Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Tallow

Diane Knight

This lovely kitchen design features Tallow on the walls, with Shaded White on the cabinets and Mizzle on the windows.

Bedroom Painted in Farrow and Ball Tallow

Bedroom in Tallow by Farrow and Ball

Design: Burnham Design | Photography: Patrick Cline

Burnam Design has used Tallow on the walls of this traditional bedroom design, creating a calming, sophisticated look. It contrasts beautifully with the dark wood furniture, bringing depth and light to the space.

Traditional Country Kitchen With Cabinets in Farrow and Ball Tallow

Barn conversion kitchen in Farrow and Ball Tallow

Design by Sustainable Kitchens

This stunning kitchen design by Sustainable Kitchens features Tallow on all of the cabinetry. As you can see, this warm neutral colour compliments the chunky wooden worktops and the original stone walls of this barn conversion perfectly. It’s absolutely stunning.

Kitchen Design by Sustainable Kitchens

Farrow and Ball Tallow Living Room

Image via Pinterest

This elegant living room uses Farrow and Ball’s Tallow in the walls. It looks wonderful with the natural sunlight streaming in through the window, creating a warm and welcoming, yet refined look.

Traditional Bathroom in Farrow and Ball Tallow

Traditional bathroom in farrow and ball tallow

Image source: The Glam Pad

This stunning bathroom is part of a beautiful renovation of a centuries old home by Olasky & Sinsteden featured on The Glam Pad. If you love traditional, elegant interiors, check out the full house tour here.

Farrow and Ball’s Tallow has been used on all of the woodwork and panelling in this bathroom to compliment the traditional floral wallpaper

Image Source: The Glam Pad

What Colour Goes Well With Tallow?

Looking for the perfect accent colours to go with Tallow? Look no further.

  • Pink: Setting Plaster – This glorious dusty pink is one of my favourite Farrow and Ball Colours. When paired with Tallow it creates a warm, playful colour scheme that will work particularly well in sunny rooms to create a pace that’s full of life and joy.
  • Green: Vert de Terre – This lovely sage green paint colour looks wonderful with Tallow, and is perfect for creating relaxed, timeless spaces.
  • White: Wimborne White – A soft white that will look great on woodwork and trim to create a fres, bright space.
  • Brown: London Stone – This warm mid brown works well with Tallow to create a natural, grounded look.

Ordering Samples and Colour Cards

If you’re ready to order samples, you can do it here, on Farrow and Ball’s website, and have them delivered right to your door.
You can also order a completely free colour card here. This will let you see all of Farrow and Ball’s beautiful colours and finishes side-by-side.

Emily Brookes
Emily Brookes

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