Farrow and Ball Jitney – A Soft, Earthy Brown

Farrow and Ball Jitney is a wonderfully soft, earthy brown with just the slightest hint of pink to it. This beautiful colour is perfect for creating spaces that are relaxing and comforting, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms and living rooms.

In this article, I’m sharing some examples of how Jitney can be used to create a sophisticated yet welcoming interior design scheme.

Bedroom Panelling in Farrow and Ball Jitney


This lovely bedroom by Melaina, is the perfect spot to relax and unwind. It features half-panelled walls painted in Jitney by Farrow and Ball.

The soft, muted tones of the Jitney hue offer a subtle backdrop that can be dressed up or down depending on the mood you’re going for. The wood panelling gives a timeless touch while still being modern enough to fit into any space.

As you can see, Jitney works really well with the natural beige colour of the curtains, bed throw, and pampas grass, creating a really soothing space

Farrow and Ball Jitney Bedroom


Farrow Ball Jitney shade is the perfect choice for creating a tranquil and calming atmosphere in this bedroom, designed by Kelly Prouton. The muted hue creates an elegant backdrop for furniture and accessories, allowing them to truly stand out as the focal point of the space.

To really make this colour pop, you should consider pairing it with black or white accents throughout the room, such as trimming on windowsills and door frames. This will add depth and interest while still keeping things fresh and modern looking.

Nursery Panelling in Jitney by Farrow and Ball


Abby from Crofts.home.reno on Instagram, has created the most beautiful nursery using Farrow and Ball Jitney on the panelling, with Wimborne White on the walls above. This is a lovely calming space for a baby girl to relax and play. Lots of charming details to finish off the look.

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Farrow and Ball Jitney Living Room


If you’ve been thinking about using Farrow and Ball Jitney in your living room, this is a great example of how well it can work.

Olivia from Wild Moss has turned what was previously a dull, North facing living room into a room that’s full of character by adding a picture rail and painting the walls in Jitney. This has added lots of warmth to the space, which, when paired with the antiques and traditional upholstered furniture, has created a warm and cosy space with endless charm.

Charming Jitney Bedroom


This delightful bedroom, designed by Katharine from Charterlea Home, features Farrow and Ball’s Jitney on the walls. As you can see, it looks stunning with the black accent of the Edwardian fireplace and the white of the huge sash windows, creating an overall balanced look.

Guest Bedroom in Farrow and Ball Jitney


Anita Lowe from @tallhousebythesea has painted her lovely guest bedroom in Farrow and Ball’s Jitney. It works well with the traditional furniture and pink accents in this room. The result is a space that feels both comfortable and inviting.

What Colour Goes Well With Jitney?

If you want to keep your space looking fresh and bright, use Wimborne White as an accent colour with Jitney. It will work well on walls, doors, and trim next to Jitney.

If you want a more striking look, then you could try using soft black like Railings as your accent colour. It will look great on doors, fireplaces, and even smaller furniture pieces next to Jitney.

And if you prefer a more colourful, playful look, try using red or blue accents with Jitney. My favourite options are:

It is definitely worth ordering samples of the colours you are considering. This way you can see how they look in different lights.

Order Farrow and Ball paint samples.

Get a Free Farrow and Ball Colour Card

Want to see more of the colour range without paying for sample pots? You can order a free colour card. This will have all of the colours on it so that you can see how they look side by side.

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Emily Brookes
Emily Brookes

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