8 Gorgeous Examples of how to Use Green Smoke by Farrow and Ball

Green Smoke by Farrow and Ball is a beautiful smoky green paint with just a hint of blue, that is a joy to style within any home. This colour was initially popular throughout the later part of the 19th century but it is making a big comeback now. There is an alluring depth to this colour that helps bring a sense of calm to any room it is used in.

Farrow and Ball paints are eco friendly, non toxic, low VOC, and child safe, which is why they are one of my top choices when it comes to interior paint. Today I’m going to be sharing some examples of how you can use Green Smoke in your home to create an interior you’ll love.

As you’ll see from the style choices below, Green Smoke is really easy to match with other colours within the home, so it can be used in a variety of different ways.

How to Use Green Smoke by Farrow and Ball in Your Home

Instagram via @simplyscandikatie

This beautiful set up by Simply Scandi Katie shows that Green Smoke as a colour could work in any room, including a bathroom or kitchen. I love the way she has used gold accessories to lift the colour of the room, combining it with a natural woodwork top. This rustic style is so beautiful.

Image via Rehabitat Interiors

How stunning is this beautiful gold mirror? Gold seems to be a colour that works well with Green Smoke so there’s no reason to shy away from using it. The dark walls are complemented by the marble effect fireplace – a bold design choice but one I am sure you’ll agree has been pulled off perfectly.

Image via Instagram: @casa1930s

You could be forgiven for thinking that Green Smoke by Farrow and Ball could be too dark for a hallway, especially one that doesn’t have much natural light. However, as this photo shows it’s perfectly possible to make it work. The lighter star shapes in the floor help to bring up the colour of the hallway, which isn’t too dark even given the dark woodwork choices. You could place a large mirror by the door as Casa1930’s has done, which definitely helps to reflect as much light as possible into the space.

Green Smoke Kitchen

Images via Circa Lighting

In direct contrast to the hallway, this room has an abundance of natural light, which gives the Green Smoke paint a completely different look. I love the choice of having some of the cupboards in the same colour, after all why wouldn’t you want as much of this lovely shade as possible? The gloss worktops and wood finish on the kitchen island lifts the whole room and brings the whole thing together perfect! Of course, I have to mention the pooch – beautiful and fits in perfectly 😉

Green Smoke Bathroom

Instagram via @renovating_parkhouse

Smoke Green works perfectly in this bathroom, which is also made up of beige and black. I love the choice of colours here, which all work perfectly in unison with each other. I love the mirror and the clever photography which shows the hanging plants in the corner of the room. As Smoke Green is a natural green tone paint it is a shade that works so well with plants, as this photo shows off to perfection. 

Farrow and Ball Smoke Green in Bedrooms

Image via PosterStore

It’s so important that your bedroom feels like home. I love the calming colour choices in this room. The Smoke Green looks perfect on the walls, with art displayed which shows once again that this shade of green by Farrow and Ball works so well with plants. The bedspread being a colour match for the green on the walls and complete with cream colour blankets and pillows makes the whole thing look cosy. I’ve also spotted the tray at the end of the bed, a nod to how perfect it would be to spend Sunday in bed surrounded by this wonderful colour scheme choice. 

Image Via Warings at Home

Another nod to how perfect both plants and gold go with Green Smoke in this last photo by Warings at Home. The whole thing comes together perfectly with a whole host of different green tones that blend so well with the Green Smoke shade on the walls. I love the light fitting too, something a little different but it works so well.  

What Colour Goes With Green Smoke by Farrow and Ball?

This colour chart shows off perfectly the type of colours you might use with Green Smoke by Farrow and Ball. However, as the interior design photos show above, with the right styling anything goes. It’s a natural tone so these colours do tend to work best but a splash of gold, especially teamed up with other bold accessories can work in harmony with the shade too – the choice is yours!


If you’re ready to buy, head over to Farrow & Ball to order from them directly. They’ve got everything you need for your project, including the recommended primer to match your choice of paint colour.


If you want to try before you buy, you can buy Farrow and Ball paint samples in small test pots. Each test pot is £4.95, and contains 0.1l which will cover about 1.4m2, which will give you a good idea of how the colour will look on your walls.

Pro Tip: Test your paint on each wall of your room, so you can see how it looks at different angles and in different amounts of light.


You can get a Farrow and Ball colour chart here. It’s completely free!

And here’s a link to Farrow and Ball’s book: Decorating With Colour.

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Emily Brookes
Emily Brookes

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