Dark Green Paint Colours to Transform Your Home

Today I’m going to be showing you how you can use dark green coloured paint in your home and some of my favourite shades of dark green paint colours available, from premium hand-crafted paints to more cost-effective options. So if you are thinking of having a room-refresh and want to add a touch of style with a sultry dark green paint, then look no further. I’ve got you covered!

10 Stunning Dark Green Paint Colours to Try

Studio Green No.93 by Farrow and Ball

Paint Colour: Farrow and Ball – Studio Green

I love this super dark green by Farrow and Ball. Studio Green is their darkest green, so dark it could be mistaken as being black when the lights are low. With their incredible light responding technologically, the rich dark pigments respond like magic to all different types of light – artificial and natural. This makes it appear much greener when painted onto exterior surfaces, than it appears on their colour card.

I love the way this dark green shade has been used on the kitchen cupboard doors in the image above. It looks fabulous and adds bags of character and sophistication to the room. Studio Green by Farrow and Ball would look stunning in any room of your home. 

Designer Advice: Order a sample pot to try at home. Once you’ve applied it, check to see how you like the colour at different times of the day.

Order a Sample of Studio Green Here

Beverly No.310 by Farrow and Ball

Beverly by Farrow and Ball is a gorgeous clean dark to mid green. It was named in memory of one of their well-loved Farrow and Ball team members. I think makes this Farrow and Ball shade even more special and loved.

My favourite thing about this shade is that it is the perfect balance of being a dark but also mild green. As you can see from the image above when the sunshine beams through the window onto the Beverly painted walls the green pigments pop making this shade much milder and greener.

Designer Advice: This uncomplicated yet gorgeous dark green paint colour would look great on your doors and woodwork.

Everglade Forest – Dulux

Everglade Forest by Dulux is a great choice if you are looking for a quick and cost-effective room refresh. Their thick one-coat formula promises to give you the perfect finish in just one coat. This means less paint and time is needed—always a winner!

This stunning dark green paint colour will certainly upgrade any room of your home. This colour may be dark but when the light hits it, the green elements really shine and make it give a bold and bright statement. 

Designer advice: Everglade Forest looks fabulous paired with a crisp white, which will really bring out the glorious green undertones.

Mallard Green by Dulux Heritage

Here we have a dark green from the Dulux Heritage collection which is divine, Mallard Green oozes sophistication and style. Inspired by one of the most beautiful periods in British design history, this gorgeous shade will give your room a rich, regal finish. Dulux Heritage paint is formulated with premium pigments. The pigments are specially blended clays which allows an effortless application, and amazing depth to its dark green hues. It may be dark in colour but it’s limitless when it comes to room upgrade choices. Why not be bold and paint your door as well as your walls in this shade like the image above. It looks fantastic. 

Designer Advice: Mallard Green will look sensational painted on your living room walls. As long as your room is well-lit, your room won’t look smaller—it will feel warm and luxurious. Try it on your bedroom walls to give a rich and romantic finish to your bedroom styling.

Constable Green by Neptune

Neptune were inspired by the pastoral painting of 19th-century artist John Constable, hence the name Constable Green. Neptune then collaborated with the talented Lucy Mayes, a London-based paint maker to perfect this seductive dark green shade.

I love the gorgeous inky green hues and the rich depth Constable Green holds. It is sure to make a statement in any room of your home. Bursting with pigment, this shade promises to deliver a consistent coverage. I absolutely love the drama and romance this dark green shade adds to the room in the image above. I particularly like how the designer has also painted the glass cabinet as well as the walls to create a colour drenching effect.

Designer advice. This dark green paint looks fantastic alongside solid wood furniture giving a hint of rustic charm to your setting. The natural hues and colour variation you get from the knots and grains really lift this gorgeous shade.

Order samples of Constable Green here

Chester Green by Albany Design

Chester Green paint by Albany Design is a wonderful dark green paint available in six different cost effective finishes making it extremely versatile. The deep dark green tones definitely make a statement but it holds just the right amount of rich green hues which give you a warm welcoming feel. Being able to purchase this gorgeous shade in so many finishes means you aren’t just limited to updating your home with this dark green paint! You can give your garden a refresh too. Coat your garden table and chairs and even your fence and gutter in Chester Green. You won’t be disappointed.

Order a sample here.

Designer advice: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when using this dark green paint. Chester Green is one of the most versatile dark green paints out there, you could give your bedroom a quick refresh and still make a statement by simply painting your bed frame in this shade.

Chine Green No. 35 by Farrow & Ball

Chine Green Farrow and Ball

Here we have Chine Green, named after the steep-sided coastal gorge that features around the home of Farrow & Ball. Another Farrow and Ball option, which is a wonderful dark green option. Chine Green is dark off-black green which creates a charming earthy feel to whichever room you choose to paint in this shade. Although it is very dark in colour, the gorgeous green undertones mean it’s far from dull or overbearing, Chine Green will add a touch of sophisticated charm to your setting.

Order a sample here.

Designer Advice: Brush this dark green paint onto your cabinets to give them an instant refresh and a touch of vintage luxury that you may find in an old country house. Chine Green will also look spectacular when used in your bathroom paired with glossy white tiles, making it a real show-stopper.  

Minister Green No. 224 by Farrow & Ball

Minster Green is one of my favourite dark green paint colours. It has a wonderfully inviting and charming tone. Its green pigment is more intense than the other dark green paints we have shown you today, but it is still one of our favourites. This beautiful paint looks divine in more traditional-styled spaces but is equally as good in contemporary settings when paired with open brickwork and industrial styling. Minster Green was named after one of Farrow & Ball’s homes in Dorset which goes to show just how warm and welcoming this dark green paint really is.

It goes without saying Minster Green looks splendid when paired with rustic wooden finishes and bronze accent pieces curating a luxurious feeling. It also works well paired with crisp whites, like Farrow and Ball’s All-White or Wimborne White.

Designer Advice: Minster Green will look wonderful when used on wall panelling to create a fashionable focal point with just the right amount of sophistication and style. Its green tones will curate a calming vibe to your living room or bathroom, Minster Green will work wonders in any room of your home.

Brewer by Coat Paints

Brewer by Coat Paints.

This statement-making dark green colour that holds a slightly blue undertone which really brings out the richness of this colour. This dark shade will make a dramatic statement but when sunlight hits it you will get the brilliant green hues which will make your room all the more inviting. You can be bold and paint all four walls in this shade and know it will make the show-stopping statement you are looking for.

This deep cool green will also pack a punch when used on a feature wall paired with gold-framed artwork or photos. 

Designer Advice. Not feeling brave enough to paint your whole walls in a dark green paint colour like Brewer? Try half-panelled walls with the panelling painted in dark green, and the walls painted in an off-white.

What Colour Pairs Best With Dark Green Paint Colours?

Dark green paint colours work well with crisp whites, dusty pinks, and neutral-woody tones.

Some of my favourite options are:

Is Dark Green a Good Office Paint Colour?

Dark green can be a little oppressive in an office. If you’re thinking of painting your office green, sage green paint colours can work really well. If you want some more ideas, check out my guide on the best office paint colours.

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