What Colour Goes With Sage Green?

Sage green is a timeless and versatile colour that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It’s a particularly good choice for bedrooms and living areas, thanks to its soothing and earthy tones, which bring an easy sense of tranquillity and peace to the space. But the question is, what colour goes with Sage green?

Finding the right colours to pair with sage green paint can enhance its elegance and create a harmonious atmosphere, so in this blog post, we will explore which colours go well with sage green to provide you with inspiration for your next project.

What Colour Goes With Sage Green?

There are a few different colours that go well with sage green. Some of the best options are:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Terracotta
  • Gold
  • Brown/beige

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some fail safe options. Keep reading to see some sage green colour scheme ideas that you can recreate in your own home.

Sage Green Colour Scheme Ideas

These are some of my favourite Sage green colour schemes.

Sage Green and White

Image: 1two2 Kitchen Design 

Paint colour Mizzle

Sage green and white make for a classic and timeless colour scheme that works exceptionally well together. This combination creates a refreshing and harmonious atmosphere, and when used as a kitchen cabinet colour, it can result in a space that feels clean, elegant, and inviting.

The combination of sage green and white creates a perfect balance between cool and warm tones. Sage green, with its earthy and muted qualities, exudes a sense of calmness and serenity. On the other hand, white brings brightness, cleanliness, and a feeling of spaciousness to the overall design. The contrast between these two colours adds visual interest and prevents the space from appearing too monotonous.

Sage Green and Cream

Image credit: @1894home

Walls: Mizzle

Panelling: Pigeon

Wardrobes and Fireplace: Shaded White

This gorgeous bedroom has nailed it when it comes to sage green colour combinations. As you can see, the creamy tones of Farrow and Ball’s Shaded White work really well against the Mizzle green walls to create a space that feels calm and peaceful. A darker shade of sage green has been used on the panelling behind the bed, which helps bring a sense of depth to the space, gently highlighting the panelling.

Complementary Colours: Pink and Sage Green

Designed by Sascal Studio

Cupboard Doors: Mizzle

Walls: Calamine

Complementary colours are those found opposite each other on the colour wheel, and they create a striking visual impact when paired together. For sage green, its complementary colour is a soft pinkish hue. Soft coral, blush pink, or even a touch of burgundy can create a captivating and modern contrast against sage green. These colours will instantly add a hint of femininity and warmth to your space. Try incorporating complementary colours through upholstery, bedding, or accessories for a balanced and eye-catching aesthetic.

Sage Green and Black

Image Credit: Farrow and Ball

Sage Green Wall: Vert de Terre

Staircase: Off Black

Black works well as an accent colour with sage green, creating a sophisticated and contemporary colour combination. The earthy tones of sage green are complemented by the depth and contrast provided by black. Here are some ways you can incorporate black as an accent colour with sage green:

  1. Furniture and Accessories: Introduce black elements to your living room through furniture pieces like a black leather armchair, a black metal coffee table, or black shelving units. You could also incorporate black accessories such as black picture frames, vases, or lamps.
  2. Textiles and Patterns: Use black in textiles and patterns to add visual interest and depth.
  3. Wall Decor: Hang black-framed artwork or photographs on the walls to create a striking focal point against the sage green backdrop. Black and white photography, abstract art, or graphic prints can work well in this context.
  4. Trim and Molding: If you have moulding or trim in your space, painting it black can create a bold contrast against sage green walls. This adds a touch of elegance and architectural interest.

Balance is key when using black as an accent colour. Be mindful of how much black you incorporate to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Yellow Accents with Sage Green Walls

Image Credit: Desenio

If you want to add a splash of bright colour to your Sage green space, a zesty lemon yellow can work really well. Again, yellow is a colour that is often found in nature, so it will complement Sage Green well.

Sage Green and Terrracotta

Image credit: Brighton Homes

For a space that feels warm and welcoming, try pairing Sage green with Terracotta colours. Terracotta works well with sage green due to the harmonious relationship between warm earth tones and cool, muted greens. Here are some reasons why terracotta complements sage green:

  1. Colour Harmony: Terracotta and sage green are both nature-inspired colours that evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity. Terracotta, with its warm, reddish-brown undertones, provides a beautiful contrast to the cool, green-grey tones of sage. Together, they create a harmonious and balanced colour palette.
  2. Natural Aesthetics: Terracotta is often associated with rustic, earthy, and Mediterranean aesthetics. When paired with sage green, it enhances the natural and organic feel of the space. Both colours evoke a connection to the outdoors, creating a welcoming and grounded atmosphere.
  3. Complementary Undertones: Terracotta has warm undertones that can bring warmth and depth to sage green. The reddish-brown shade of terracotta complements the subtle grey or blue undertones present in some shades of sage green. This creates an interesting interplay of colours which will add visual interest to the overall design.

When using terracotta with sage green, consider incorporating terracotta elements through accents, such as pottery, vases, textiles, or wall decor. This will allow the colours to interact and create a visually appealing and harmonious design.

Sage Green with Gold Accents

Image via Pinterest

Gold accents work well with sage green walls due to the contrast between the warm, luxurious tones of gold and the cool, calming hues of sage green. Gold is often associated with luxury, opulence, and elegance, and when paired with sage green walls, the combination creates a sense of refinement and sophistication. The metallic sheen of gold adds a touch of glamour and elevates the overall aesthetic of the space.

When incorporating gold accents with sage green walls, consider using gold in various elements such as light fixtures, mirrors, frames, decorative objects, or even furniture hardware. The key is to find a balance between the gold accents and the sage green walls, ensuring that they enhance each other without overwhelming the space.

Natural Wood accents with Sage Green Walls

Image Credit: This 1870 House

Both natural wood tones and sage green are inspired by the natural world, creating a strong visual connection. The earthy and warm qualities of wood enhance the organic and serene ambience of sage green walls, bringing a touch of nature indoors.

Wood textures, whether in furniture, flooring, or decorative elements, provide a pleasing contrast to the smoothness of painted walls. The texture and grain of natural wood create visual interest and can add a sense of cosiness and comfort to the room. Whether your space leans towards rustic, Scandinavian, contemporary, or traditional aesthetics, natural wood can blend seamlessly with sage green walls, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Final Thoughts on Colours That Go With Sage Green

Choosing the perfect colour scheme isn’t always easy, but it’s well worth it when you get it right. I hope that these sage green paint colour schemes have inspired you and helped you to decide on the perfect colour scheme for your next interior design project.

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