13 Stunning Bathrooms With Panelled Walls

Today, we’re going to dive into the world of bathroom aesthetics with a focus on one of the most enduring and elegant design choices: bathrooms with panelled walls. Often overlooked, the bathroom is a space where design can make a significant impact. Choosing the right wall treatment can transform this everyday area into a haven of style and tranquility.

In this post, we’ll explore the beauty and versatility of paneled walls in bathrooms. Whether you’re a fan of classic wood panels that evoke a traditional, warm ambiance, or modern materials that bring a contemporary edge, paneled walls offer a plethora of design possibilities. From the calming retreat of a minimalist spa-like bathroom to the opulent allure of a Victorian-inspired powder room, paneled walls can cater to a wide range of tastes and styles.

Join us as we delve into the various types of paneling available. We will cover how to choose the right one for your space, and some inspired ideas to get you started on your bathroom makeover. So, if you’re thinking of revamping your bathroom or just love to keep up with the latest in interior design, read on to discover how paneled walls can add depth, character, and elegance to your bathroom.

Green Bathroom with Panelled Walls

Tavistock Bathrooms

This well-appointed bathroom features vertically paneled walls in a muted green hue. Light wooden floors add to a nature-inspired ambiance which adds a touch of refined color and texture to the space. The panelled walls serve as the perfect backdrop for decorative items, such as wall-hung leaf-shaped plates that complement the organic feel of the room. The floor is covered with light-colored herringbone-patterned tiles, contributing to the room’s overall elegant and traditional aesthetic.

Baby Pink Panelled Bathroom

Tavistock Bathrooms

Step into a cottagecore dream with this charming bathroom, where vintage flair meets whimsical elegance. With its pastel pink beadboard paneling and classic clawfoot tub, it’s a cozy retreat that turns every day into a page from a storybook

Half Panelled Bathroom Walls with Colourful Wallpaper

VSP Interiors

East meets West in this gracefully styled bathroom, where the boldness of the red vanity sings against the subtle charm of the paneled walls, all complemented by a narrative of oriental wallpaper and the simple elegance of tulips.

Unique Bathroom Wall Panelling in Green

Image: Brickstone Home

This chic bathroom showcases the classic elegance of marble tiles against the bold drama of dark paneled walls. It is accented by golden touches for a touch of luxury.

Luxury Black Panelled Bathroom Walls

Bathroom Mountain

This monochromatic bathroom oozes timeless luxury. With sleek black paneling providing a dramatic backdrop to a pristine freestanding tub, it creates a sanctuary of style that’s as bold as it is serene.

Industrial Style Bathroom with Panelled Walls

Garden Trading

Dark hues meet industrial chic in this bathroom’s striking design. Black paneling and vintage accents craft a space that’s both sophisticated and edgy, a true testament to modern elegance.

Blue Half Panelled Bathroom Walls

Image via Instagram

Eclectic charm bathes in luxury with a bold, red freestanding tub under a botanical gallery wall, all set against serene blue paneling—a vibrant tribute to timeless elegance with a splash of whimsy.

Duck Egg Blue Panelled Walls

Victorian Plumbing

In this stunning bathroom, the timeless elegance of a classic clawfoot tub is framed by the soft tranquility of the duck egg blue paint colour on the paneling, creating a haven of calm and peace.

Elegant Bathroom in Navy Blue

Bobbi Beck

Exuding elegance of a bygone era, this sophisticated bathroom, showcases a beautiful cherry blossom wallpaper which harmonizes with the deep blue of wainscoting, all anchored by a regal freestanding tub that whispers tales of old-world luxury.

Panelled Walls With Cloud Wallpaper

Bobbi Beck

Fresh and airy, this bathroom blends soft pastel paneling with whimsical cloud wallpaper on the top half of the wall. This creates a dreamy escape that brings the tranquility of a clear, sunny sky right into the comfort of home.

Luxurious Teal Bathroom With Half Panelled Walls and Wallpaper

Graham & Brown

The classic elegance of a clawfoot tub is set against the backdrop of teal-panelled walls adorned with pastel bathroom wallpaper, offering a modern twist on a bygone era’s charm.

Pink and Navy Bathrooms with Panelled Walls

Soho Home

This stunning bathroom showcases a classic clawfoot bathtub in a soft pink hue against a backdrop of dark, matte black paneling that reaches halfway up, topped by a lighter gray or soft white shade that complements the darker tones below. The combination of the classic tub, the contemporary flooring, and the contrasting wall colors creates a space that is both timeless and modern, exuding elegance and personality.

Traditional Bathroom with Sage Green Panelling

This charming bathroom exudes a cottage-like feel. The lower part of the walls is clad in panelling painted in a gentle sage green. This provides a grounding contrast to the lively, floral wallpaper above, which features a variety of colorful wildflowers. Overall, the bathroom design balances color and pattern with traditional fixtures to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

8 Great Reasons to Consider Wood Panelling for Your Own Bathroom

Wood paneling in bathrooms offers a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional benefits, making it a popular choice for bathroom renovations and designs. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Warmth and Elegance: Wood naturally adds warmth and a sense of comfort to any space. In bathrooms, which are often dominated by hard, cold surfaces like tile and porcelain, wood paneling can create a more inviting and elegant atmosphere.
  1. Versatility in Style: Wood paneling comes in a variety of styles, from traditional beadboard and shiplap to modern flat panels. This versatility allows it to fit into a wide range of bathroom designs, from rustic and country to sleek and contemporary.
  1. Durability: When properly treated and maintained, wood paneling can be quite durable, resisting wear and tear. Certain types of wood, such as cedar or redwood, have natural properties that make them resistant to moisture and decay, which is beneficial in a bathroom environment.
  1. Insulation and Acoustics: Wood has natural insulating properties, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bathroom. Additionally, it can improve the room’s acoustics by dampening sound, which is particularly useful in larger bathrooms.
  1. Customization: Wood can be painted, stained, or varnished to match any color scheme or design preference. This means it can be easily adapted to changing trends or personal style preferences over time.
  1. Texture and Depth: Wood paneling adds texture and depth to bathroom walls, creating a more visually interesting space compared to flat, painted walls. This can be particularly effective in larger bathrooms where additional features are needed to break up the space.
  1. Potential for Increased Home Value: Bathrooms with high-quality finishes, including wood paneling, can increase the aesthetic appeal and potentially the value of a home. A well-designed, stylish bathroom can be a selling point for potential buyers.
  1. Ease of Installation: Some types of wood paneling are relatively easy to install, making them a good option for DIY enthusiasts. Paneling can also be used to cover up less attractive wall surfaces or outdated tiles, providing an efficient makeover solution.

Different Types of Panelling for Bathroom Walls

Wood paneling, with its natural warmth and versatility, is a popular choice for bathroom walls. Various styles of wood paneling can create different aesthetics, ranging from traditional to modern. Here’s an overview of the different styles of wood paneling suitable for bathrooms:


 Shiplap features long planks of wood with a slight gap between each piece, known as a rabbet joint. This style creates a rustic, farmhouse look and is popular in coastal or country-style bathrooms.

Tongue and Groove

In this style, panels have a tongue on one side and a groove on the other, allowing them to fit together snugly. It offers a more refined and seamless appearance and can be installed either vertically or horizontally. It’s versatile for both traditional and contemporary designs.


Beadboard consists of vertical rows of narrow wood planks with a ridge or bead between each plank. It’s often used in cottage or vintage-style bathrooms and is typically installed partway up the wall, capped with a chair rail.

Board and Batten

This style features wide boards spaced apart with narrow strips of wood (battens) covering the joints. Board and batten paneling gives a more structured and geometric appearance, suitable for both traditional and modern bathrooms.

Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood for paneling adds a unique, eco-friendly element to the bathroom. Each piece has its own history and texture, ideal for creating an industrial or rustic look.

V-Groove Paneling

Similar to tongue and groove, V-groove paneling has a V-shaped groove that creates a more pronounced line between boards. It adds texture and depth to the wall and works well in both classic and modern interiors.

Flat Panels

Flat paneling, often used in wainscoting, involves flat panels set into wood frames. This style is associated with more formal, traditional bathrooms and can be paired with intricate molding for an elegant look.

When choosing wood paneling for a bathroom, it’s important to consider the moisture level and ensure the wood is properly sealed and treated to withstand humidity. The style of paneling should also complement the overall design aesthetic of the bathroom.

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