Best Heaters for Bathrooms in 2024

Today we’re going to be looking at the best heaters for bathrooms. Redesigning your bathroom can be a really exciting time, and if you’ve moved into a house and not been able to afford to redecorate the bathroom then there is no better feeling than finally being able to rip out the bathroom that you’ve come to hate over your first few years in your home. 

There are so many things to think about when you decide to redesign your bathroom – what colour walls or bathroom tiles are you going to choose? What colour and finish of fittings are you going to choose? It’s also really important to consider heaters in the bathroom – it might be tempting to skimp, but come Wintertime you’re going to be thankful that you spent the extra money on installing a bathroom space heater! 

The times of a plain white radiator have passed and there are so many options to choose from now, depending on your personal design choices. With that in mind here are a few of the best heaters for bathrooms in 2021.

Sleek White Bathroom Space Heater

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If you’re not sure about your bathroom design choices yet, or you want to keep things simple then this sleek white heater for bathrooms is perfect. The heater itself is an ultra-thin LED panel that comes with a built-in thermostat on the side so you can install it simple and control it separately from the rest of the house.  

It fits onto the wall with brackets and is only 8cm thick including the brackets, meaning it’s perfect if you want something to just blend in with the rest of the wall.

Modern Black Heater for Bathrooms

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In recent years white or grey bathrooms with black fixtures have become a hugely popular trend, even down the bathroom heater. These flat panel bar heaters fit perfectly in a modern bathroom – rather than blending into the wall and disappearing, they become more of a statement piece. 

This helps to bring a luxurious hotel feel to your bathroom, which is especially great for a guest bathroom. The powder-coated matte finish of the bathroom heater also helps to elevate your room for a more luxurious feel.

Minimalist Black Portable Bathroom Heater

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When you’re looking for a heater for your bathroom, you don’t need to tie yourself to only buying a heater for the bathroom – as long as your heater has a waterproofing rating (look for an IP number like “IP64”) then you can use it anywhere. This black heater is the perfect example of being multi-use. It’s a sleek black design that would fit in perfectly with modern homes, and it comes with wheels and brackets to mount to the wall, so you can use it in your bathroom then move it whenever you need to heat a different space, or simply if you get a bit bored of how it looks in your bathroom.

Small Fan Heater for Bathrooms

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If you have a small bathroom you might struggle to find the wall space for a full-size bathroom heater or towel rail, in which case this mini fan heater for bathrooms is the perfect option. It mounts onto the wall, traditionally closer to the ceiling so you’re less likely to see it – especially if you paint your bathroom white or a light colour. 

It’s usually activated by a cord switch so it doesn’t need to be built into your central heating system, meaning you can install it yourself. While fan heaters aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing option, they’re very efficient and will heat your space incredibly quickly as well as not taking up the space that a traditional radiator would.

Elegant Vertical Column Heater for Bathrooms

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If you’re going for a really modern look in your bathroom but don’t have a huge amount of wall space then this vertical column heater for bathrooms is the perfect way to make a statement. 

The flat pipe work and matte black finish make for a sleek and modern design that would look brilliant in a really elegant bathroom, or in a modern minimalist bathroom. This simple but statement bathroom heater would definitely be a winner, no matter what kind of bathroom design you choose.

Modern Black Towel Rail Heater

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Towel rails don’t have to be the thing of old fashioned bathroom nightmares – despite being a style of bathroom heater that’s been around for decades. The traditional towel rail that can be found in long-outdated hotels has received a 21st century overhaul and is now a sleek multi-purpose way to heat your bathroom.

 This matte black design is perfect for a more contemporary or minimalist style bathroom and provides plenty of space to hang towels and bathrobes as well as warming the room. Towel rails are also the perfect option if you’re limited on wall space in your bathroom because they’re vertical and provide heat as well as storage.

 Minimalist White Heater for Bathrooms

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After decades of most bathroom heaters being white, modern designs tend to reject this for black or other dark colours, but if you have a small bathroom going for a dark radiator can make the space feel even smaller. Meanwhile, white fittings tend to make a bathroom feel larger and white doesn’t have to mean old fashioned and boring. 

This minimalist matte white radiator is a stunning option for lighter or more colourful bathroom designs. You could pair this white bathroom heater with just about any colour walls or design of bathroom, which definitely makes it one of the best bathroom heaters on offer this year!

Traditional Cast Iron Black Bathroom Heater

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If you live in an older house or apartment, it can be difficult to find something that doesn’t clash with the era of your home. While you can go with a more modern design, having a period home presents a really unique opportunity to create something special with your designs. 

This traditional colosseum cast iron bathroom heater is the perfect choice when trying to find something that feels a little more elegant and appropriate for an older home. This bathroom heater would look great with neutral colours like greys, tans, greens or blues, but also with soft pinks or terracotta colours – the possibilities are truly only limited by your imagination!

Curved Towel Rail Heater for Bathrooms

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If you’re looking for more of a unique design that’s also functional, this curved towel rail heater for bathrooms is the perfect option. If the towel rail is mounted too closely to the wall it can be difficult to use, and this curved heater avoids this problem entirely. 

Flat towel rails also occasionally suffer from the issue of not being able to disperse heat as well because they’re so tight to the wall, so having curved pipes allows the heater to be a little more efficient, meaning you’ll not only have warm towels when you get out of the shower, but a warm room when you turn the water off too!

 Wi-Fi Controlled Bathroom Heater

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Homes are getting a lot smarter in recent years and that isn’t only limited to technology like lights and speakers. This contemporary glass panel heater is not only safe for use in the bathroom but also comes with a remote control and is WiFi enabled. 

The heater has a thermostat and can be set to certain times if that’s your preference, but if you just want to turn on the heater when you need it you can do so from the comfort of your sofa with an app on your phone. More importantly, that app allows you to turn on the heater when you first wake up without even getting out of bed, so that when you finally do convince yourself to get ready for the day the bathroom is already cosy for your shower!

Contemporary Asymmetric Bathroom Heater

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When looking for heating for your bathroom it’s easy to feel like all of the designs are the same, because most of the time there’s very little difference between them. If you want a vertical heater they’re either vertical pipes or towel rail style, or they’re horizontal and take up a lot of wall space. 

This unique design combines the best of both a towel rail and modern flat panel heaters, creating a contemporary design that both heats towels, provides hanging space and will effectively heat your room. If you’re looking for a statement piece in your bathroom, this really is the best heater for your bathroom!

Chrome Towel Rail Heater for Bathrooms

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Looking for a bathroom space heater can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from but they’re all quite similar. At the moment, matte black or matte white bathroom heaters are what is most popular, meaning it can be a challenge to find anything different. 

If you’re looking for something that gives a simple but clean finish in your bathroom, this chrome towel rail style heater is perfect. The chrome finish can give a very industrial look, or just as simple cleanly finished bathroom depending on the other fittings that you choose. Chrome towel rails are a timeless way to heat a bathroom so you know they’ll be in style for a long time to come.

Modern Vertical Radiator with Mirror

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If you’re looking for something really unique, then how about this white column radiator with a mirror in the centre? White fixtures are a great option when you’re trying to make a space feel brighter and larger. 

Mirrors are also an excellent way to make a room feel bigger, so combining the two presents not only a really unique design, but also a way to make a small bathroom feel larger with very little effort. White heaters are perfect for bathrooms because they go with so many different colour schemes – try earthy tones for a more natural and relaxing bathroom space, or have fun with it and go for bright pops of colour to create a space that really energises you in the morning.

Floor Length Heated Mirror

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If you love the idea of brightening your space with a mirror in the bathroom heater, why not fully embrace it and go for this heated floor length mirror instead. This bathroom heater comprises a full length mirror as the main part of the design, with heated pipes both behind and on either side of the mirror. 

This design looks more like a framed mirror than a heater, but is still an efficient way to heat your bathroom. This design is perfect if you’re struggling to decorate a small space because the mirror will make the bathroom feel bigger, and you’re not compromising precious wall space by having to install a radiator.

Silver Towel Rail-style Heater for Bathrooms

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If you’re going for a more traditional look in your space, then a simple towel rail-style heater will look great in your bathroom. This style combines a radiator in the middle, as well as a full towel rail around it, and is a great option for bathrooms with panelled walls. If your house is a little older or the rest of your decor is more traditional, this bathroom heater would fit perfectly. The silver pipes are more of a feature, rather than needing to hide them, so it’s also great for minimal effort!

Final Thoughts…

Finding the perfect heater for a bathroom can feel like a huge challenge – at first glance, they’re all the same and there really isn’t much to choose from, but if you know where to look and you’re willing to do some research then the possibilities are endless. 

All you need to think about is how much space you have in your bathroom and your colour scheme. You also need to consider the age of your house and if you want your bathroom to fit in with this era. Whatever you do, you’ve most likely waited a long time to be able to renovate your bathroom so try not to stress about it too much – just enjoy the process!

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