Farrow and Ball French Grey: How to Use This Calming Green-Grey Colour in Your Home

French Grey is one of Farrow and Ball’s most popular colours. This muted green-grey colour is wonderfully calming, and will work well in pretty much all areas of the home from the kitchen to the bedroom. Although it’s called ‘French Gray’ It’s actually much more green than it is grey, with slightly yellow undertones giving making it a touch warmer than other green-grey paint colours. Keep reading to see some of the most beautiful examples of how real people have used Farrow and Ball French Grey in their own homes.

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Farrow and Ball French Grey Bedroom

Image credit @seansymington

Interior designer, Sean Symington has used French Grey on the walls of this bedroom in a recent project. It looks stunning with the creamy white accents of the fireplace and the modern boucle chair. This room perfectly balances contemporary and classic interior design.

Farrow and Ball French Grey Living Room

Image credit @hillhousevintage

This gorgeous living room by Paula Sutton uses French Grey on the walls which looks stunning with the pale pink chesterfield sofa and the pops of pink on the lampshades.

French Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Image credit @fridaviksten

Frida Viksten has used French Grey on her kitchen cabinets and on the panelling on the walls. As you can see, this colour works beautifully in a kitchen creating a space that is relaxed and welcoming.

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Elegant french Grey Walls

Image credit: @miekes_countryhome

French Grey works exceptionally well in country homes. Here, you can see how well it works as a backdrop for darker pieces of furniture.

Sophisticated Panelling in French Grey

Image via Farrow and Ball

If you live in a period property, French grey can be a great choice for the panelling. The warm undertones will help keep your space feeling bright and welcoming, whilst adding plenty of depth and character to the space.

Bedroom Panelling in French Grey, Farrow and Ball

Image credit: @claireduffyxx

Farrow and Ball French Grey looks absolutely stunning on the panelling on this bedroom designed by Claire Duffy. The ivory paint above the panelling keeps the space looking balanced and allows the beautiful green panelling to take centre stage. The black metal bed frame and other black accents look sharp against the lighter coloured walls adding some contrast to the space.

A Pretty Parlour in Farrow and Ball French Grey

Image credit: @mrsjessicadarling

Jessica and her husband turned this previously unused dining room into a sophisticated and welcoming parlour. A serene corner in the embrace of modern comfort, where classic design meets contemporary elegance. This is a space where every element, from the stately fireplace to the sculptural light fixture, tells a story of style and sophistication.

Beautiful Green Grey Bedroom Panelling

Image via @theblossomshome

A symphony of soft neutrals and warm accents invites you to curl up in this beautifully paneled sanctuary, where comfort is woven into every detail. The elegant paneling in soothing French gray frames the rattan headboard, adding a touch of natural texture, while the floral bedding adds pattern to the space.

Traditional Bedroom with French Grey Panelling

Image via Farrow and Ball

This traditional bedroom radiates a timeless charm. The room is painted in a soft, French grey hue that gives it an elegant and calming atmosphere.

The overall effect is one of refined comfort, blending traditional design elements with a gentle, modern color scheme.

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Is Farrow and Ball French Grey Warm or Cool?

Farrow & Ball’s French Gray, despite its name, is actually more of a green hue with just a hint of gray. It tends to be a warm color due to its green-yellow and earthy undertones, which can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in a space. However, the perception of warmth can be influenced by the lighting and surrounding colors in a room. In natural light or when paired with warm colors, French Gray will likely appear warmer, whereas it might seem cooler in artificial lighting or when surrounded by cooler tones.

What Colour Goes With Farrow and Ball French Grey?

Farrow and Ball’s French Gray is a versatile color that can pair well with a variety of other hues. Its warm undertones make it especially compatible with:

  • Creams and off-whites. These can accentuate the warmth of French Gray and create a soft, serene palette. Try Slipper Satin or Off White.
  • Dark charcoal or navy. Using these colors can provide a striking contrast and bring out the subtle depth of French Gray. Try Liquorice or Railings.
  • Soft pinks or blush tones. These add a touch of femininity and softness to the overall look, complementing the earthiness of French Gray. Try Pink Ground for a balanced look.
  • Rich greens. To emphasize its earthy quality, pairing it with dark green paint can enhance a nature-inspired theme.
  • Light wood and natural materials. These elements can highlight the organic feel of French Gray and add to a room’s warmth.

The key to pairing colors with French Gray is considering the room’s lighting and the atmosphere you wish to create. In general, it’s a very flexible shade that can adapt to various interior styles and preferences.

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Is There a Farrow and Ball French Grey Dupe?

Farrow & Ball paints are known for their depth and complexity, which can sometimes make finding an exact match from another brand challenging. However, many paint brands offer similar shades that can serve as alternatives to Farrow and Ball’s French Gray. These alternatives may not be exact replicas, as Farrow and Ball’s pigments and finishes are unique, but they can come close in terms of color and feel.

Read my article on Farrow and Ball vs Dulux to find out more about how F&B compares to other paint brands.

To find a “dupe” or similar color, you might look for a muted green-gray from other premium paint brands. It’s always recommended to get samples of the potential alternatives and test them in your space, as the color can look quite different depending on the light and surrounding colors.

When searching for a match, it’s a good idea to look at the paint chips in the store, but also to invest in a small sample pot to test the color in your home. The lighting, both natural and artificial, can significantly affect how the paint color appears. Remember, the finish of the paint (matte, eggshell, semi-gloss, etc.) will also affect the colour perception, so try to match the finish as well as the hue.

Some good alternatives to French Grey include:

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