My New Blogger Business Cards!!

I got some new business cards! Whoop! I really needed some new business cards, mainly because since I got my old ones my blog has had a complete overhaul, and my logo has changed, so I was really excited to get these! These luxury business cards are from Aura Print, a printing company based in Huddersfield, and I have to say, I’m REALLY happy with the quality of them, they are really really thick (800gsm) and have a colour running through the core- how cool is that?! There was a choice of 15 different colours, but I chose pale pink as it complements my logo nicely, and the back I kept pretty simple, dark grey writing with gold accents- what do you think?

The ordering process was really easy, I already had my logo for the front of the card, but I asked the Aura Design team to design the back for me. During the design process they were happy to make revisions when I requested changes until it was perfect for me.

The cards arrived in the post in a big bright pink box- so it was pretty exciting receiving something so pretty in the post! I was surprised- the cards are a much nicer finish than the last ones I had, and I LOVE the pink Centre!

I have been finding business cards really useful recently, especially as I have been attending a lot more blogger and networking events, its great to be able to have something to give people to remember you by- and I love getting cards from other people as well! It’s great to check out the website and social media of people you have met face at an event.

Well, let me know what you think, I would love to hear your opinions! 

* I was sent these beautiful cards free of charge to review. All opinions are of course my own!

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