Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas: Art Prints

I was trying to think of truly personal gifts for Valentines day… you know, gifts that you would actually want to keep! Now, aside from the old usuals (jewellery, perfume etc.) I think one of the nicest and most personal gifts you could give to someone is a piece of art. It requires some thought, and you need to know the person quite well, but if you get it right, it will be one of the nicest gifts he/she ever receives. Obviously original art can be quite expensive, so I have put together some open edition art prints, as well as some collectible limited edition prints, so there is something here for all budgets!! This list is presents for the ladies, as the style is very feminine (maybe send this link to your loved one as a hint, hehe :))

Prints under £50

1. Flamingo Art Print by Leveret Paperie £13.41
2. Illustrated map of Paris by M Bailey Illustrations. £16
3. Laduree Macaroons by M Bailey Illustrations £13
4. Love in Brush by Qing Ji $65
5. Chanel no 5 by Esther Bayer £9.99
6. Je t’aime by Chocomocacino $46

Limited Edition and Collectible Prints £50-£750

7. Chandeliers by Delphone Lebourgeois £155
8. All of the Words in the World by Rob Ryan £750
9. Antares and Love II by Joe Webb £450
10. Robot Love by Fat Cat Images £201.09
11. Gold Heart by James Bates £90
12. Alp, Alp by Freya Cummings £500

Which one is your favourite?

Emily xxx

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