How To Paint The Perfect Stripes

Well hello there lovelies! After a short Summer Break, I am back to work, and back to blogging- and I’m so happy to be here!!

I have been giving my Mum’s home office a mini makeover, and this weekend I tried my hand at painting stripes… I took a few pictures as I was going along, incase anyone else wanted to give it a go, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out!

Use masking tape to tape off the areas you want to paint, I used own brand masking tape from both Homebase and Wickes, and I was really pleased with the quality. Make sure to press the edges of the tape down firmly to prevent any paint bleeding/leaking.

Before you paint your stripes, you will need to paint the area in your base colour (i.e. the same colour as your wall) This will prevent any of your coloured paint from bleeding through the tape and ruining your beautiful stripes.

As I was painting my stripes in gold, I decided to use a spray paint as the finish is more even. If you are using spray paint, cover the areas around where you are painting with newspaper/magazine pages, and use dust sheets to cover the floor and furniture to prevent the paint dust settling (I now have a fine layer of gold spray paint on my macbook because I had it out to listen to music, and I didn’t cover it.)

Once your paint is touch dry, you can carefully remove your masking tape, and admire your handiwork! When it is completely dry (usually about an hour for spray paints- but please check the directions) you can start to hang pictures and put your furniture back in place!

Ta dah!! What do you think? I hope you found this useful- let me know in the comments!

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