7 Gorgeous Oval Cots to Create the Perfect Nursery

The latest nursery decor trend to hit the Instagram is oval cots, and they’re stunning. There are so many different options to choose from, not just in terms of different colours and materials, but also in the functions that they offer. Keep reading for some incredible examples and great inspiration to help you style these oval cots in a way that brings your personality into the home.

Oval Wooden Crib


Since we’ve all started spending more time at home, bringing natural materials inside has become more important than ever for creating a sense of peace. Featuring natural textures and materials makes us feel calmer, but that also makes it the perfect choice for a nursery. 

This oval wooden crib is the perfect addition to any neutral-toned nursery, and the light wood helps it match almost every colour. With rounded wooden bars, you will always have a clear view of your little one while they’re sleeping. It also has the ability to be turned into a small seating area during the day or permanently when your child outgrows their cot, which adds a whole extra level of functionality to this item of nursery furniture and makes it more of a long-term homeware piece.

This style is perfect for a piece of furniture that is going to last. There is a worry with cot beds that you’ll be finished with them in a couple of months and as such, they’re not worth the investment. This style lends itself perfectly to the longevity of your home  – you can easily use it as a  toddler bed, or even a space for your young child to chill in during the day. As it is a space they’ll be able to call their own, it’s the perfect way to get the best value out of the cot bed you choose to buy.

Grey Wooden Oval Cot


Grey has been a massive trend in the world of homewares over the past few years – grey tones accents can be found in just about every home and it works so well for a nursery. It’s gender-neutral and feels incredibly calming which is just as important for you as your baby. 

This beautiful grey oval baby crib combines modern homeware style and comfort for your child. Add a draped canopy-style curtain in a colour that compliments the rest of your decor to create more of a feature in the nursery. Just make sure that the curtain can’t be pulled down when your baby gets old enough to explore.

White Oval Baby Cot


If you love light and airy spaces, then most of the rooms in your home are probably painted white and it can be difficult to feel like you’re stopping your baby from developing creativity if you turn their room white too. There’s a strong temptation to fill your baby’s room with bright colours to inspire them but, while some stimulation is important, creating a calming space for your child to rest is vital. 

You can easily carry the white theme into your baby’s space with this white oval wooden crib. Choose a few calming colours to accent the room and the cot with, and you have modern-looking decor and a stylish oval baby cot with no real effort.

Another version that allows you to get the best value for money out of your purchase. With an end that can open, your toddler is able to crawl in and out as and when they want – when they are old enough to do so. This gives you peace of mind that they have somewhere safe to sleep, but also that you’ll be able to get long term use out of it – which is definitely something to keep in mind when making such an investment. 

Wooden Oval Cot Bed


Oval wooden cribs are a great option because they’re so easy to accessorise in order to add personality. You can change the colours of the blankets or add a draped curtain to bring your own personality into the space. 

Neutral doesn’t mean boring, it means endless possibilities. As this option shows, dressing it up like you would your bed can be the perfect way to add a little drama to your home decor – but subtle colours can work just as well. The beauty of it is that you can make it match your home perfectly.  

This gorgeous oval cot complies with all current safety standards, so you can be sure that it’s a healthy and safe choice for your little one, as well as stylish!

Grey Oval Cots


A huge factor to consider when choosing an oval baby crib is your personal needs – it’s easy to see a really unique design and want to buy it just because it’s eye-catching, but if the cot doesn’t have the right features or the ethics of the brand don’t align with your values, there’s no point buying it because you won’t be happy. 

This oval wooden crib can be set in several different positions and is made from sustainable timber so you can be sure you’ve not contributed to deforestation with your new purchase.

This grey is perfect for getting a cot bed that will work in any decor setting. With the large opening at the front it can easily become the ultimate place for your toddler to chill out and get some alone time – whether through their own choice or not. 

Tweeto 7-in-One Oval Cot


When you’re spending a lot of money on a piece of furniture it needs to work for you, but this is even more important when you have a small space. In small homes furniture with multiple purposes is a lifesaver, and this is no different when it comes to choosing an oval baby crib for your nursery.  

This 7 in 1 convertible oval baby cot is unique because of the ability to change its size. It not only offers a huge amount of functionality when your child is a newborn, but since it can change size it also supports them into being a toddler as well with the option to turn the crib into a table and chairs or a toddler-sized sofa. It’s the perfect oval crib for small spaces!

Oval Wooden Cot Bed

Natural Baby Shower

Finally, when buying your oval baby crib, think of it as an investment. Designs like the round cot pictured above are built to last and grow with your child. When it’s going to be a vital part of their life for years to come it’s worth spending the money to invest in a good quality piece.

This oval wooden crib is made by a reputable brand, comes with a mattress included, as well as lots of useful features like lockable wheels making it easy to bring your oval cot into whatever room you want to be in while your baby sleeps but it’s still safe. It also has a 7-year warranty as standard so you have full peace of mind. 

Final Words on Oval Cots…

The search for the perfect oval or rounded cots isn’t always easy, but hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration.  Oval baby cots are a huge trend at the moment, and with their beautiful timeless shape, it’s easy to see that they’re here to stay. There are so many different designs, meaning you can carry the theme of your home into the nursery so it doesn’t feel out of place.  

Oval wooden cots are a great option if you’re not sure what you want your decor to look like because you can easily paint them or add a canopy to match your personal style. Oval cots have the unique ability to be so many other things as well as just a cot, ensuring that they’ll last you for years, and are very much worth the investment!

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