Ideas for an Eclectic Bathroom Design- Guest Post

Guest Post by Diana Smith

Tired of your old bathroom and you are finally ready, both physically, mentally and financially to make a drastic change? You are ready to make the change in the traditional design as well, but you just cannot part with some of the current stuff you have in your bathroom? Great, when both of these questions are considered, you came to the right place. The solution for all your troubles is to go for an eclectic bathroom design. Incorporate these ideas into a redecoration process and you will be more than pleased. 

Eclectic in general

What does eclectic mean in terms of bathroom design. To achieve an eclectic bathroom design simply means to combine the best elements of various bathroom designs into a compact mixture. Eclectic design is inspired by various design styles embodied in different décor elements from different historical periods and geographic areas. The key to succeed is to mix and match and complement and contrast. Let us implement this.

Old and new

Combining the elements of contemporary design with those of a traditional one is one of the most effective ways of making your bathroom eclectic. The most practical manner is to keep the elements of the currently dominant style and enrich it with a contrasting one. For example, if your bathroom is predominantly of contemporary design, by adding a claw foot bathtub or a pedestal sink the eclectic spirit will emerge. On the other hand a predominant traditional design is perfectly complemented by modern lighting solutions, or one of shower cabin designs.

Old is new

One of the major conveniences of eclectic style is that it allows the use of second hand items. The only thing that needs to be new is the contribution they make to the accessories that are already present. In other words, feel free to check thrift stores, pawn shops and flea markets in search of original and authentic items that could be used in your bathroom. For example, rustic faucets will perfectly compliment your modern oval bathtub, or a basin, for that matter.

Color schemes

There are no traditional constraints when it comes to colour choices in eclectic design. All colour combinations are allowed as long as they result in harmonious atmosphere. What this means in practice is that the primary combination of colours used for example for cabinets and all other wooden surfaces should be further enhanced by neutral colour choice of other bathroom elements. Otherwise, the principal idea will be lost in too many hues present.

Art and artefacts

Both arts and artefacts have their place in eclectically designed bathrooms. Take this opportunity to personalise the space and create an unordinary setting. Naturally, keep in mind the functionality and less is more approach at all times otherwise you could easily slip into clutter. Lastly, follow the colour pattern discussed in the paragraph above and use your favourite works of art to further complement it.

Unique tiles for a unique setting

A personal statement can be made by choosing a specific tile pattern as well. You can let your imagination free here and, for example, opt for those of colourful Latin American style or authentic Moroccan patterned ones. As the Sydney bathroom renovation experts say, either of them provide a perfect foundation for adding various accessories of different style creating a unique looking eclectic bathroom.

To sum up, why go for eclectic design? There are several reasons. It allows you to use the best of what you already have and complement it with new items without having to follow any strict design postulates of any particular style. You can express your creativity in a surprising manner and end up having a unique looking bathroom, personalised, functional and refreshing at the same time.

Emily Brookes
Emily Brookes

Emily Brookes is an Interior Designer based in the UK. Since graduating from the National Design Academy with a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, Emily started her successful blog, Emily May Designs, which shares ideas and inspiration on how to create a beautiful home.


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