Stunning Tiles for Outdoor Areas

Summer is afoot, which means now is the perfect time to start finalising and acting upon your outside space and garden renovation projects. If you’re at a loss at how to move forward, but know you’re keen to update your existing garden aesthetic, 2023’s hottest exterior decor trend may just be the inspiration you’ve been looking for. Exquisite tiles for outdoor spaces have taken over Pinterest feeds and design blogs, showcasing just how quaint a transformation a few outdoor cement tiles can make, no matter what the size of your outdoor space.

Increasingly, designers are seeing homeowners wanting to encompass the outside world more in the design of their houses. By effectively extending their homes into their outdoor spaces and gardens, with the help of beautifully designed outdoor tiles, many smart homeowners are creating little bubbles of paradise for themselves and their families. 

Following trends and executing design projects properly can be a challenge; there are so many different styles to use that it’s hard to know where to start. It’s not only floor tiles that are part of this prominent trend either, exterior wall tiles also have a role to play. We’ve pulled together a list of 15 of the hottest tiles for exterior revamping projects with the hopes of inspiring you, so keep reading to find out more.

Contemporary Outdoor Cement TilesBlue and black tiles cor outdoor spaces

Otto Tiles

Contemporary outdoor cement tiles, like the charming and stylish collection above, will transform any uninspiring outdoor area into a vibrant, chic space to entertain and relax in. Striking colours and bold patterns immediately draw the eye, transforming any lacklustre outdoor spot into a vibrant hub for entertainment and family fun.

To make the most out of these energising ceramic tiles outdoors, lay them in a large area such as a patio, greenhouse, garden dome, or conservatory interior. Contemporary outdoor cement tiles compliment both modern and traditional settings, making them the perfect choice for homeowners wishing to reinvent their outdoor spaces. 

Italian Style Tiles for Outdoor Areas

Arched tiles for outdoor areas

Walls and Floors

Italian-styled tiles add a distinctly romantic feel that is unrivalled by many other varieties of outdoor tiles. It’s possible to create a dreamy Mediterranean-inspired garden by utilising the many hues and textures that Italian outdoor cement tiles offer.

To create a fanciful area that exudes charm and sophistication, lay these outdoor tiles down on large spaces, such as patios and courtyards, and pair them with earthy toned furniture and accessories. Alternatively, you can keep things simple by using Italian-styled outdoor cement tiles to design feature paths or draw focus to particular areas in your outdoor area, such as greenhouses and lean-tos. 

Black and White Tiles for Outdoors

Black and white tiles for outdoor areas


Inject some elegance and class into your patio or garden spaces by laying down some beautiful black and white patterned outdoor tiles. This classic Victorian-inspired colour combination has stayed true to style despite other garden trends moving on, making it an outdoor tile design that will never go out of style. Formerly a traditional indoor classic, black and white tiles for outdoor use have added a whole new layer of versatility to patios, large open spaces, and gardens. As far as ceramic tiles for outdoors go, the tried-and-tested black and white pattern perfectly matches any style and colour palette, making it a safe, yet stylish renovation choice. 

Contemporary White Outdoor Floor Tiles

White outdoor floor tiles

Porcelain Superstore

Build your very own version of paradise in your garden and put those expensive luxury hotels and villas to shame with clean and contemporary tiles. For a sophisticated outdoor design that exudes class and glamour, opt for these stylish and sleek contemporary white outdoor floor tiles. Using ceramic tiles outdoors oozes elegance, making them a top choice for those wishing to maintain a sense of minimalism when renovating their outdoor spaces.

These tiles for outdoor use are beautifully crafted and work well with all manners of furniture, from upholstered seating to wooden dining tables, making them a great base from which to build up your blissful and relaxing garden space. 

Pink and Grey Tiles for Outdoor and Indoor Areas

Patterned tiles for outdoor spaces

Otto Tiles

Create striking patterns and pleasing visual effects by utilising indoor and outdoor tiles, combining them to create something truly special. It’s easy to see why the trend of using tiles for outdoor decoration is so popular as it allows designers to extend the interior of the home into the outside world, enabling them to create a seamless extension of the living area.

Stylish pink and grey tiles add a splash of warmth and colour without limiting homeowners on furnishing and fixing elements. Outdoor cement tiles like these above are durable enough to withstand a hefty amount of wear and tear, making them more than suitable for indoor and outdoor use where there is usually a high amount of foot traffic.

Large Black and White Floor Tiles for Outdoor Areas

Black and white patterned tiles for outdoors


Want to design a striking focal point in your garden? This is easily achieved by placing down large black and white outdoor tiles. When tesselating, the boldness of the featured designs creates a striking effect that looks great in garden spaces and patios. As these are on the larger side, they can be used to create beautiful outdoor features, for example laying them amongst white gravel or grass can form stunning focal pathways that lead off into different sections of your garden.

Placing large black and white tiles down for specific outdoor areas, such as cooking zones, seating areas, or entertainment spots is a great way to really maximise the effects of this classic, yet charismatic design. Paired with almost any style of colour or furniture, these outdoor tiles really hold their own and compliment anything you place with, or around them. 

Wooden Tiles for Outdoor Areas

Wooden tiles for outdoor areas

Porcelain Superstore

Wood effect tiles are a brilliant choice for busy family homes and homes with dogs and other large pets that lead to a lot of traffic and potential mess. Why keep these realistic wood effect tiles indoors though, when you can continue the popular timber trend by creating an exciting outdoor space with them too. Wood effect tiles can be matched to existing decking, or even used to replace it permanently for a rustic effect without the hassle of rotting wood or impossible to clean grooves. 

If you’re keen to preserve a rustic aesthetic, wood effect tiles for outdoor patios and feature pathways are a great choice; plus the versatility of the colouring and grain patterns mean that most furniture and garden features will be complimented. 

Chequered Outdoor Mosaic Tiles

Black and white chequered tiles for outdoors

Walls and Floors

Add some spectacular flair to your outside space by laying checkered mosaic tiles down! An iconic tile arrangement such as the mosaic tiles are good for smaller spaces, which is good news if you’re looking to decorate a quaint patio area or develop a decorative statement focal point.

Mosaic tiles aren’t just for floors –  using these as exterior wall tiles and arranging them in simple patterns creates a statement wall that is guaranteed to get people talking. 

Looking for tiles for outdoor spaces that get a lot of heavy foot traffic? Contrasting mosaic tiles are a good choice for these areas as the wear and tear will show significantly less when compared to other styles of outdoor tiles.

Mediterranean Style Blue and White Tiles for Outdoor Areas

Mediterranean Style Blue and White Tiles for Outdoor Areas

Bert & May

Create some Mediterranean charm by using vibrant Med-inspired blue and white tiles within your outdoor spaces. Combining bright and colourful Mediterranean-inspired patterns with earthy tones such as natural woods, woven materials, handmade ceramics, and terracotta creates an effortless and artisanal look.

These colours and textures all work in perfect harmony with one another; the end result is a beautiful Spanish holiday destination, all from the comfort of your own back garden. For some extra elegance, combine a patterned Spanish-inspired palette with solid block colour exterior wall tiles and plenty of lush green foliage. 

Star Patterned Tiles For Outdoor Spaces

Star Patterned Tiles For Outdoor Spaces

Walls and Floors

Vintage lovers rejoice as star-patterned tiles for outdoor areas are the magic decor ingredient you’ve been missing. Star patterned tiles make great exterior wall tiles for specified areas, such as outdoor toilets/wash areas, kitchen zones, and patios. As outdoor wall tiles, the star-shaped patterns look beautiful when laid next to each other; they also add a little extra bit of magic when placed to form simple patterns on exterior walls.

Star patterned designs are ideal for outdoor areas, effortlessly jazzing up patios of all sizes, greenhouses, lean-tos, and more. Complement the vintage design with some lush green vegetation and dark, rustic furniture.

Oak Effect Floor Tiles for Outdoors

Oak Effect Floor Tiles for Outdoors

Porcelain Superstore

Take your living area outside with oak effect floor tiles for your garden. Create a seamless transition between the living area and your garden space by laying these outdoor tiles down on your patio in place of decking. This flawless effect works beautifully if the interior and exterior levels are even, creating a true illusion of bringing the indoors outside. 

Join oak effect tiles together for beautiful realistic flooring suitable for patios and outhouses, or layer them a few inches apart to create a charming rustic pathway on grass or gravel. If you’re looking for classic tiles for outdoor spaces that are quaint and stylish, oak effect outdoor tiles are a great choice.

Beige Brick Exterior Wall Tiles

Beige Brick Exterior Wall Tiles

Walls and Floors

Create your very own whimsical paradise and sit back and unwind with some serene beige brick exterior wall tiles. Currently, brick effect outdoor wall tiles are a huge interior and exterior design trend with several of the UK’s most highly esteemed hospitality venues sporting the rustic outdoor tile. With earthy light tones, beige brick outdoor wall tiles can transport you to a Mediterranean utopia by creating picturesque patio areas and garden focal points.

Accentuate these ceramic tiles by pairing them with harmonious neutral tones, potted garden plants, chic garden furniture, and simple woven accents.

Bold Yellow Outdoor Tiles

Bold Yellow Outdoor Tiles

Walls and Floors

Go bold in your garden this summer with eye-catching yellow tiles for outdoor floors. Brightly coloured Victorian patterns create a real focal point both as exterior wall tiles, and outdoor tiles for flooring. Vintage yellow tiling looks cheerful and vibrant when paired with modern touches, though it’s important that you keep the colour palette relatively neutral when using these vivid yellow tiles. Yellow tiling can easily overpower small spaces, so it’s best to avoid using them as balcony wall tiles or small garden areas. 

However, if you’ve got an adequate amount of space and love the vibe these vintage beauties exude, try pairing this tiling with light greys and cool blues for an elegant, modern look.

White Marble-Style Outdoor Floor Tiles

White Marble-Style Outdoor Tiles

Porcelain Superstore

Bring some Italian glamour and class to your garden with the ultimate timeless classic, white marble. White marble exudes sophistication and that’s why it’s almost criminal to keep it exclusively inside your home. Bring that glamour out into your modern or traditional outdoor areas with outdoor tiles. These tiles for outdoors can be placed over grass or contrasting shades of gravel to create a stunning focal pathway, or used as the base for a contemporary patio area the whole family will love. Using ceramic tiles outdoors in heavy foot traffic areas, such as family patio areas, is a good option due to the longevity and hardiness that ceramic tiles offer.

Colourful Moroccan Tiles

Outdoor Moroccan Tiles

Your Tiles

Bring a little bit of Spanish beauty into your home life by laying down some bright and colourful outdoor Moroccan tiles. These iconically vivid outdoor tiles boast huge arrays of colour and pattern combinations, which means that they look just as awe-inspiring outside of the home as they do inside. Outdoor Moroccan tiles look particularly good in small areas, such as front porches and small, whimsical patios – they’re even a great choice if you’re looking for some captivating and vibrant balcony wall tiles. If you’re looking to use outdoor tiles to create playful and exciting focal points within your garden zones, outdoor Moroccan tiles will certainly tick all the boxes.

Which are Your Favourite Tiles For Outdoor Spaces?

Using tiles for outdoor decoration is a trend that’s likely to last, which is just as well as there are so many designs, colours, and styles to choose from. From outdoor Moroccan tiles to high-end exterior wall tiles, there is an outdoor tile trend to suit everyone’s design preferences and budget. What is your favourite style of outdoor tile? Let us know in the comments.

Emily Brookes
Emily Brookes

Emily Brookes is an Interior Designer based in the UK. Since graduating from the National Design Academy with a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, Emily started her successful blog, Emily May Designs, which shares ideas and inspiration on how to create a beautiful home.

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