Farrow and Ball Peignoir: 10 Eye-Catching Examples of How to Use This Stunning Colour!

There is handcrafted paint, and then there is Farrow and Ball handcrafted paint! Needless to say, Farrow and Ball have outdone themselves with the simply stunning no. 286 Peignoir. With heartwarming hues of soft pinks and sultry greys, Farrow and Ball Peignoir is truly unique. It responds continually to the light giving you a variety of rich romantic colours throughout the day. This seductive colour is the perfect choice to add enchantment and style in any room of your home.

Farrow and Ball has been a firm favourite amongst interior designers for many years now. They only using the finest eco friendly ingredients with over 75 years experience providing the most distinctive paint options. Today I am going to be sharing with you some of my favourite examples of how you can transform any room of your home with the delightful Peignoir.

You will see from the images below just how versatile Peignoir really is. It works well with a variety of different colour schemes making it one of the most versatile shades around.

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How to use Peignoir by Farrow and Ball in your home 

Colourful entryway with the front door painted in Peignoir by Farrow and Ball

Image via @theottohouse

Front Door Colour: Peignoir

This cosy and fun set up by @theottohouse really does show just how versatile this shade is. I do so enjoy the mixture of warm colours and textures. It’s fun and girly without being too “Barbie dream house.” The use of Peignoir on the front door really does provide a heartwarming welcome to their home.

I love the way it contrasts against the black door handle and green doormat which seem to really make this colour pop.

We can see here the versatility of the colour shining through. It beautifully complements the yellow dresser, adding another joyous splash of colour which really transforms this space. I also feel the need to highlight the wicker accent chair in the corner with the cute rainbow coloured pillow which adds to the warm and fun vibe of this hallway. This is a slightly unusual placement of the chair but it actually works really well! 

Farrow and Ball Peignoir Paired With Railings

Image credit: @the_creative_saint

How stunning is this set up by the @the_creative_saint! I love the clever use of different textures she has used to style room creating a contemporary but sophisticated feel.

The rustic wooden table top and open brickwork fireplace against the sleek Peignoir and black walls make this room look simply divine.

Some may say a large chimney breast painted black (Farrow and Ball Railings) is a bold choice and could risk making the room look smaller. However, using a lighter floor and, with the help of a large mirror, gloriously reflecting the natural light into the room proves that it was definitely the right choice to make and can most definitely work with the right styling.

Just look at how gorgeous it looks next to the Peignoir wall with the black and white artwork and clock on display. The use of leafy plants help add a touch of warmth to this gorgeous interior design. Unexpectedly green and blacks really do seem to work so well with this Farrow and Ball shade.

Sophisticated Living Room in Peignoir

Image via Farrow and Ball

This beautiful living room makes you feel instantly relaxed. Just what you want from the main room in your home! The Peignoir looks warm and enticing on these walls complementing the white marble fireplace which adds a subtle hint of glamour. I particularly like the use of  clean white skirting boards and shelving which help tie this colour scheme together.

The white tones against the Peignoir really bring out the softness of the grey hues in the shade. The white textured rug helps brighten the space and gives the room a clean airy feel. I also need to highlight the large silver lamps which I adore, which have been cleverly placed in the corner opposite the large window. This shows off this shade’s uniqueness and how the shade of colour responds to the contrasting lights, giving you different hues of pinks and greys throughout the day.

This beautiful space shows that you don’t need to heavily style your room to create a sophisticated but contemporary look. Just a few well-placed accent pieces will do the job.

Farrow and Ball Peignoir Bathroom

Image credit: @renovate128

Here, Laura from @renovate128 shows how effortlessly Peignoir can transform even the most simple interior designs. The Peignoir on the walls and door, paired with white tiles and golden taps make the interiors of this bathroom effortlessly glamorous. I mean, this shade is so stunning. Why wouldn’t you paint the bathroom walls and include the door in this shade? I particularly love the black and gold light fitting above the large circle mirror again with a black trimming. Another nod to not shy away from the use of black accents when using Peignoir. I think this bathroom is the perfect example, that sometimes you can’t go wrong with keeping it clean and simple.

Perfect Peignoir Panelling

Image credit: @shynesdesign_

How stunning does the use of Peignoir look on this wall paneling? It’s so simple, yet so effective. I feel like you can’t not enjoy this arrangement! The clean white side table, complete with all white accent pieces, is perfectly placed; the white candle is on top of the white book, with a white angel sitting all angelic just behind. It all looks so calming and peaceful! The soft texture of the flower petals adds the perfect touch of beauty and romance to this look. The cleanliness of this arrangement really brings out the soft hues of pink in this Farrow and Ball shade.  I’m sure @shynesdesign_ receives many compliments on this bedroom styling arrangement, and rightly so! This image shows just how Farrow and Ball paints look great on any surface. Just look how clean the finish is on the paneling.

Bold Blue and Peignoir Shower Room

Image via: @leanneandthecottage

Peignoir works just wonderfully in this bathroom, which is mostly made up of rich blue and golden toned colour schemes. Which you may not have thought to use in your colour scheme with this Farrow and Ball shade, but they do work perfectly in unison. Creating a charming finish. I love how the pink hues in the Peignoir add a touch of soft feminine luxe against the royal blue tiles and cabinet. The use of gorgeous green leafy plants again helps add the perfect finishing touches making this bathroom look even more tranquil. I love how the use of leafy plants seem to bring out the unique depthness of this shade. 

Peignoir Farrow and Ball Bedroom

Image via: @Kristinaphillipsinteriordesign

I just love the mixture of fun but also calming colour choices in this bedroom. The Peignoir looks glorious on these walls. The different colour tones in the art work, bedframe and curtains make the whole room come together perfectly by all tying in with the different colour tones you find in this romantic shade by Farrow and Ball. This bedroom oozes a soft feminine with a touch of luxury with how each item in this room is perfectly placed. I love the way @kristinaphillipsinteriordesign has used the subtle hints of blue in her vases and pillow trimmings which add a pop of colour and works superbly with this colour scheme. 

A Relaxed Dining Area in Peignoir by Farrow and Ball

Image credit: @PlanHome

Don’t you just love the use of Peignoir on these walls, it completes this cosy country cottage set up, it’s rustic but oh so warm and inviting. We have a lot going on with the different uses of textures and colours but it all comes together so well, you can’t help but love it. I particularly love the pale green painted fireplace which adds a contemporary look against the vintage display cabinet in the corner. The golden and wooden framed artwork displayed on the walls bring out the glorious grey hues in this Farrow and Ball shade, looking even more stunning from the glow of the large table lamp. Once again we have the gorgeous leafy green plants working wonders in this dining room ensemble. 

A Relaxing Bathroom in Peignoir

Image Source

Peignoir is the star of the show in this bathroom. Here we can really admire the depth and beauty of its hues in this photo. I love that even the large radiator looks gorgeous now it is painted in this shade. The clean white tones in the tile flooring look superb against the dark coloured skirting board which help complete this interior design. The golden beaded light shade is an interesting choice but it still works marvellously. This image shows just how important it is to pick the right shade of paint to decorate your walls. 

Cosy Living Room With Peignoir Walls

Image credit: @overatsams

Oh just look at that fireplace! This looks like the perfect living room to snuggle up in and spend a cosy Sunday in. The burning fireplace and use of candles just add to the romantic vibes you get from the Peignoir walls. We have another nod to the use of contrasting colours such as black and green, as we see on the fireplace here. I think you will agree that it looks stunning. The clean white shelving, accent pieces and throws complete this colour scheme. I simply love the rug, which looks like it could have been made to be paired with this fantastic Farrow and Ball shade! 

As you can see from the photos above, with the right styling choices, Peignoir can transform any room in your home. It can work in the hallway, bathroom, living room, nursery, or bedroom: it looks gorgeous in them all! It looks stunning with a clean and natural colour scheme but equally as gorgeous against a rich bold and dark colour scheme. What’s not to love.

What Colours Go With Farrow and Ball Peignoir?

I just love the versatility of the shade and how it can work in both fun and contemporary styled homes or sleek and sophisticated settings. I personally think both ways of styling with this Farrow and Ball shade look amazing! But depending on your style preferences here are a few of my recommended colour schemes: 

If a more sleek and clean colour scheme is your style, then I would recommend pairing Peignoir with Farrow and Ball’s Wevet and Great White. These neutral tones work in perfect harmony with each other. They would look great with black framed artwork on the walls for contrast.

If you are looking to create a strong bold look in your setting then I would recommend pairing Peignoir with Pelt. The bold shade of Pelt would look superb as a feature wall against Peignoir walls. This would create a strong but sophisticated look. 

If a fun and feminine style is what you are looking to create then try Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose. This colour scheme would look great with gold accessories. But of course the choice is yours!

You can order sample pots of Peignoir to see how this colour looks in the light of your room. You can also order a free Farrow and Ball colour card right here.

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