Toddler and Baby Shared Room Ideas

There are many reasons why you might want your baby and toddler to share a room. Perhaps you’re short on space, or maybe your toddler simply wants to sleep close to their new sibling. Whatever the reason, rest assured that there are loads of cute ways to create the perfect shared bedroom for your little ones. In this blog, I’m sharing some of the best toddler and baby shared room ideas from around the web to help inspire you for this big step.

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Pink and White Baby and Toddler Room

A pink toddler and baby shared room with pink scalloped wall

Uploaded to Pinterest by DaVinci

Sometimes simplicity really is the way forward. As you can see with this lovely bedroom features a white metal cot and a matching twin bed topped – perfect for siblings of two different age groups. The pink scalloped wall adds a unique, playful touch without overwhelming the entire look of the room. Featuring both neutral tones as well as bright hues, this bedroom is sure to bring joy to all its inhabitants!

Pretty Toddler and Baby Shared Bedroom

A white toddler and baby shared room with watercolour floral wall mural

Image via Pinterest

This shared bedroom for a toddler and baby strikes the perfect balance between fun and function. The classic white cot provides the perfect sleeping space for the youngest family member, while a matching white toddler bed sits against the opposite wall. The beautiful floral watercolour wallpaper adds a splash of subtle colour, and makes a beautiful finishing touch.

The pink and white geometric rug underneath creates plenty of texture in the room, making it warm and inviting, as well as providing a soft and comfortable place for little ones to play. The neutral accessories in soft pastel shades complete the look with an earthy yet whimsical feel. As a final touch, a handmade woven wall hanging adds an interesting three-dimensional element to this chic room.

Save Floor Space With a Loft Bed

Modern toddler and baby room sharing

Image via DigsDigs

This modern shared bedroom for toddlers and babies is a clever solution for small living spaces. The baby’s crib is a modern white cot with castors on the legs so that it can be easily moved when needed. The older sibling’s loft bed allows extra floor space beneath, providing lots of extra space for storage and play.

Accents like the black raindrops on one wall and grey bunting featuring both children’s names bring in pops of color and personality, creating a spacious but cozy space that both kids will be able to enjoy.

A Neutral Room for a Baby and Toddler

Simply toddler and baby shared room with stars on one wall

Image uploaded to Pinterest by Lucy & Rix

This shared toddler and baby bedroom is fairly simple, but still has an element of fun to it. It would be a great option for renters or anyone who wants to keep the walls white. The crisp white walls create a light and airy atmosphere, while the star wall stickers on the back wall bring the room to life without being overwhelming.

Above the toddler bed is an array of bookshelves to keep storybooks close at hand when winding down at bedtime each day. With all these features, this modern toddler and baby shared bedroom promises to be both peaceful and inviting.

Colourful Toddler and Baby Shared Room

Colourful toddler and baby shared room

Historias De Casa

I absolutely love this colourful shared toddler and baby room by Historias de Casa! It strikes the perfect balance between playful and relaxed, and best of all, this look is really easy to recreate for yourself. Take a plain white room, and add some blue polkadot wall stickers on one wall. On the opposite wall, choose a wallpaper with some texture, such as this vintage brick wallpaper.

They have chosen a modern pink cot, and a montessori house bed similar to this for the older child. Montessori beds are a great option for toddlers who have moved on from a cot, as they help foster independence, whilst ensuring that they can’t accidentally roll out of the bed whilst sleeping.

The accessories add more colour and fun to the space, I love the colourful string ball lights and the rattan lampshades with pom pom tassels (shop similar here).

Fun Baby and Toddler Shared Kids Room

Image by Lay Baby Lay

This cute toddler and baby room definitely has a sense of fun! The mint green walls keep the space looking bright and airy, creating a wonderful backdrop for the colourful accessories.

The bold black and white rug anchors the space, and profides a soft anf comfortable place for the siblings to play.

The Pros and Cons of a Toddler and Baby Sharing a Room


  • Closer bond between siblings, developing love and friendship from the start.
  • Children learn to share and take turns from a young age
  • Creating a shared space can be a more affordable option for growing families compared to moving to a larger home
  • Comforting for both children to be together


  • There is a risk that one child could disrupt the other’s sleep
  • Less personal space could lead to feelings of crowding and lack of privacy as they grow

Should Your Baby And Toddler Share a Room?

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make a room sharing both cute and functional. There are many benefits to creating a shared bedroom for your toddler and baby, so if you think it’s the right choice for your family, go for it! Many siblings love spending time together at this young age, and it will help them learn to share from the start.

It’s worth noting that it’s recommended by the NHS that a new baby should sleep in the same room as the parent at night time and nap time for the first 6 months. After that, it would be considered safe to move the cot to your shared toddlers room so that your little one can sleep with their sibling.

Do your children share a bedroom? What do you think of these ideas? Let me know in the comments!

If you still haven’t found the perfect look, check out these cute kids room decor ideas for some more inspiration!

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