Curtains for Blue Walls – 19 Gorgeous Options You’re Going to Love!

Choosing the right curtains isn’t always easy. Curtains can have a big impact on the look and feel of your room, and if you choose the wrong colour, length, or material, you risk your space looking cheap and half-hearted. If you’re looking for curtains that go with blue walls, you will be pleased to know that there are lots of great options out there. I’ve selected nineteen of my favourite curtains for blue walls, in a variety of different styles to help you find the perfect pair.

Green Curtains for a Deep Blue Wall Colour

Bright Green curtains in a room with navy blue walls

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These stunning bright green curtains are an ideal choice for deep navy blue walls. The pattern features a range of beautiful multi-coloured birds-perfect for bringing your space to life!

The bright green colour will create a high contrast against darker blue walls, framing your window beautifully and making it a unique feature within your room. These curtains have a gold eyelet heading, so they are super easy to install, and will hang in beautiful straight lines.

Natural Beige Curtains for a Timeless Look

Beige curtains in a room with dark blue walls

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If you’re looking for curtains in a lighter colour to go with navy or dark blue walls, natural colours are always a good choice. These stylish living room curtains are made from a natural linen-look material with a thick blackout lining. They’re a great choice for bedrooms too!

These curtains are perfect for creating a timeless look, and will work well with a variety of colour schemes. Even if you change your wall colour in the future, the chances are that they will still look great!

Midnight Blue Floral Curtains for Dark Blue-Green Walls

Dark blue floral curtains in a room with dark blue walls

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These curtains are absolutely stunning, and will work well with navy blue or blue-green walls. The pretty floral design will add a touch of nature to your space, and bring your room to life.

Made from 100% cotton and fully lined, these curtains are excellent quality-and it shows! They come ready to hang, and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your windows.

Geometric Grey and Navy Curtains

Geometric curtains in a room with dark blue walls

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These geometric curtains have a slightly more masculine look to them. The simple geometric design will look great in a man cave, or any other modern space where floral curtain patterns are shunned!

The deep navy and grey will work well against royal blue or dark blue walls. Remember to add some lighter elements such as natural wood to prevent it from feeling too dark.

Elegant Blue Patterned Curtains

Blue and white curtains against blue walls

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Blue curtains on blue walls can create a really cohesive look. If you want to do this it’s important to remember to choose curtains with a different pattern or strong texture to avoid your room looking to monotonous.

These Strawberry Theif curtains in indigo blue are an excellent choice! The pattern is a famous design by William Morris, and features a beautiful design of birds eating fresh strawberries from the plant. They are a great choice for anyone who loves traditional British interior design, however, the eyelet heading gives them a smart modern look.

Light Blue and White Curtains Against Dark Blue Walls

Light blue and white curtains

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Blue and white is a classic two-colour combination that will never go out of style. When placed against dark blue walls, these pretty curtains create a wonderful contrast which frames the windows perfectly, and keeps the space feeling light and airy-despite the dark walls.

Pale Blue Butterfly Curtains

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These gorgeous butterfly curtains designed by Skinnydip are the perfect way to give your space a fun, playful look. The curtains feature a bright blue butterfly design upon a pale blue silky background.

This colour combination will look great against dark blue walls, brightening up your space in an instant. They are available in made to measure, so you can be sure they will fit perfectly and look great in your space!

Get the Monochrome Look with French Blue Curtains

Monochrome room design

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Choosing blue curtains in the same shade as your blue walls can create a wonderful monochrome look.

These gorgeous French blue curtains are almost exactly the same shade of blue as the walls. However, their plush linen texture makes them stand out, and create a really smart look. This versatile can work well in coastal-inspired homes, as well as more traditional interiors, with the heading giving them a classic look.

Add Some Colour with Rainforest Print Curtains

Navy blue curtains

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The colourful kingfisher design on these curtains is perfect for bringing some opulence to a room with dark blue walls. The pattern will bring your space to life, while the gorgeous velour style material will add a touch of luxe to your space.

These stunning curtains are part of the Natural History Museum collection. This beautiful collection is a wonderful choice for anyone who loves classic British interiors.

Floral Curtains for Dark Blue Walls

Blue floral curtains for blue walls

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These beautiful indigo curtains feature a colourful floral design on a deep blue background printed on a cotton linen ground. The pink colours in the patten will add a subtle warmth to your space, whilst creating a cohesive and sophisticated look.

The eyelet heading makes them easy to hang. These curtains will work particularly well with dark blue, blue-green, or teal walls.

Colourful Pink Curtains for Teal Walls

Colourful curtains against teal patterned walls

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Lovers of colour and pattern will adore these stunning curtains by Emma J Shipley. Featuring an intricate hand drawn design of exotic animals in a palette of pink and blue, these curtains will work particularly well with teal blue walls, creating a fun and exciting statement in your interior. The curtains have a pencil pleat header, and come ready to hang in a variety of sizes.

Elegant Curtains for Teal Blue Walls

Light blue floral curtains against teak blue walls

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If you’re looking for curtains for teal walls, these are an excellent choice. Featuring a pale floral and botanical pattern on a sky blue blackground, these curtains are perfect for giving your room an exotic feel. Perfect for boho bedrooms and living rooms.

These gorgeous curtains feature a modern eyelet header, and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all window types. They will also work well against a light blue wall.

Traditional Tartan Curtains

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These tartan curtains are perfect for giving your bedroom or living room a traditional country-inspired look. The smart design features a blue and beige palette, which will look great against navy blue walls.

These curtains are available with a choice of different linings, so whether you prefer a blackout curtain or you want a thermal lining to be added, the choice is yours.

Orange and Grey Curtains for Light Blue Walls

Curtains for sky blue walls

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If you have a light blue or sky blue wall, adding a splash of orange can create a really striking look. This is because orange and blue are complementary colours (opposites on the color wheel). The orange stands out beautifully against the blue, which creates a really pleasing look.

Mocha Silk Curtains for Grey Blue Walls

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These mocha faux silk curtains complement the grey blue walls here perfectly. Choosing a faux silk curtain fabric in a neutral colour is an excellent way to add a touch of understated opulence to your space.

The curtains feature a smart pencil pleat heading and come complete with a blackout lining, making them a great choice for both bedrooms and living rooms. The lining is also insulated, which will help to keep the heat in your home during the cooler winter months.

Checkered Cream and Navy Blue Curtains for Light Blue Walls

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Traditional meets contemporary with these Afton check drapes, which feature a stylish check design on a subtle herringbone background. These curtains come fully lined and insulates, with a modern eyelet heading.

These are a great choice for rooms with light blue walls, and can work just as well in a blue bedroom as they will in a blue living room.

Add Some Warmth with Blush Pink Curtains

Blush pink curtains for dark blue walls

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If you want to add a touch of elegance to a dark blue room, blush pink curtains are the way to go! As you can see in the image above, these gorgeous pink curtains create contrast with the dark blue walls, making the whole room feel warmer, brighter, and overall more alive. Using light coloured curtains around the window area in the a room that’s paint in a dark colour is also an easy way to make the windows appear larger-a great trick for smaller windows!

Duck Egg Blue Floral Curtains for Navy Blue Walls

Duck egg Blue Curtains against dark blue walls

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Colourful painterly flowers adorn these beautiful duck egg blue curtains. These are made from 100% cotton, and are the perfect curtains for blue walls. Each panel is fully lines with a blackout backing. This means that as well as being a good choice for living rooms, they will also work well in bedrooms, keeping the early sunlight out so you can enjoy a lie-in!

Because they’re made from 100% cotton, it’s completely safe to iron these curtains to remove any creases when they arrive-simply use a warm iron on the reverse. See a full guide to ironing curtains for more information.

Light Grey Curtains for Light Blue Walls

Elegant grey curtains with light blue walls

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If you’re looking for curtains to go with light blue or pale blue walls, then a soft light grey is a great option. This cool colour combination will keep your space feeling bright and airy whilst providing privacy when you need it.

These curtains feature a subtle textured weave with a modern eyelet heading, so they hang beautifully. A blackout and themal lining can also be added upon ordering if required. These curtains are a really versatile choice that will work just as well in a coastal residence as they will in a modern city apartment.

Choosing the Perfect Curtains – FAQ’s

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you! Window treatments are an essential part of your home decor. Choosing stylish curtains that compliment the wall color is essential. To finish off, here are some of the most common questions people are asking about curtains that go with blue walls.

What Colour Curtains Go With Blue Walls?

When it comes to choosing curtains that go with blue walls, there are a few great fail-safe options. These are: Blue, Green, Pink, Grey, and Neutrals (including gold). Of course, you can still choose curtains with colourful patterns. However, it’s a good idea to stick with one of these colours as the main/background colour.

If you want your curtains to really pop, find curtains that have gold or orange accents in them. Orange is blue’s complementary colour, so it’s a great way to create a really striking look.

What Colour Curtains Go With Navy Walls?

If you want to warm up a navy blue room, then blush pink is a great option. For a smarter look, try grey or mocha curtains.

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