Farrow and Ball Dimity: The Perfect Taupe

With over 75 years of perfecting handcrafted paint, Farrow and Ball have created the taupe of dreams with Dimity No.2008. Farrow and Ball Dimity is a very pale taupe full of gorgeous warm red undertones creating a truly unique depth to the shade. Dimity is sure to create an unmatched elegance to any room it’s used in. 

Farrow and Ball use the finest ingredients to create their dreamy shades of paint. The products are are all eco friendly, child-friendly, non-toxic and low VOC, too. This is one of the many reasons Farrow and Ball are undoubtedly one of the best UK paint brands. Richard Ball, Co-Founder of Farrow and Ball quotes: “Paint is like coffee. The colour is the froth on the top, but it’s the quality of the rest of the cup that makes it taste good”. Which you just can’t fault, he is certainly right there! Today I am going to be showcasing some of my favourite examples of how you can use Dimity in your home to curate your own peaceful, taupe interior of dreams.

How to use Farrow and Ball’s Dimity in your home

Dimity is such a beautiful neutral shade it can easily be matched with other colours throughout your home. Check out the images below for some inspiration on how to use Dimity to create a welcoming and peaceful colour scheme.

Farrow and Ball Dimity Bedroom

Image via @pendle_property_design 

This simple and elegant master bedroom by Pendle Property Design shows just how beautiful Dimity works with earthy neutral green tones. Combining the green panel boards and black and white accessories really lifts this gorgeous Farrow and Ball shade. I particularly like the use of the rose gold frames, which add a pop of colour but still tie in with the colour scheme really well.

A Relaxing Nursery With Dimity Walls

Image credit: @our_garden_cottage

Wall colour: Dimity

How adorable is this nursery? I just love it! The lovely neutral tones mixed with the different textures of the wicker baskets and canvas teepee tent gives this playroom a beautiful bohemian vibe which is still homely and cosy. I love how the subtle touches of pink accessories bring out the warm depth of this Farrow and Ball colour. Here, Sam Dale from Our Garden Cottage perfectly demonstrates how the relaxing neutral hues in Diminity make it a great choice for a children’s playroom or nursery.

Another Gorgeous Dimity Farrow and Ball Nursery

Image credit: @our_lydegreen_home

Here we can see how Dimity looks simply stunning when used in a nursery. Particularly when it is used in a colour palette of other neutral tones of cream, beige, and brown such as Bed and Matt from Our Lydegreen Home have done. I love the colour palette here. They all work in perfect unison with each other creating an enchanting atmosphere. The warm natural hues in Dimity make it a perfect choice when styling nurseries. Its mellow tones will create a calming atmosphere for your newborn. This timeless base can then be easily styled with different accessories as your child grows. I think you will agree that this nursery set up looks gorgeous. 

Farrow and Ball Dimity Bathroom

Image Credit @sobro_studio_surfaces

Walls: Farrow and Ball Dimity

Sobro Studio Surfaces have done a superb job with this bathroom design. Dimity, being a natural pale taupe coloured paint, is a shade that works gloriously alongside other organic shades such as the ones which make up the delightful pattern on these floor tiles – which I just love!

The black trimmed glass shower screen makes a bold statement. This works wonderfully in this ensemble adding a touch of stylish glamour. The gold taps and towel rail are the perfect finishing touches giving that final sprinkle of sophistication.

Luxury Bathroom With Panelling in Dimity, Farrow and Ball

Image credit: @the_flint_house

Oh isn’t this the bathroom of dreams! So charming, yet, so sophisticated. That bathtub is just divine. I can’t think of a better place to unwind after a long day than in this bathroom. 

The dark wooden flooring contrasts beautifully against the light neutral hues on the panelled walls and bathtub which are highlighted by the glow of the light beaming in through the large window. I love bathrooms with panelled walls! As you can see, it really adds a touch of elegance to the elegance of this setup.

I also love the gorgeous leafy plant in the corner of the room. I find the use of plants always helps create a welcoming, relaxed vibe and leafy greens seem to work superbly with Dimity. 

Farrow and Ball Dimity Kitchen Cabinets

Image credit: @letsgotopepsehouse

I adore the use of Dimity on the kitchen cabinets here. It really draws you in. The golden vintage door handles against the smooth Dimity cupboard doors look so stunning. They add the perfect amount of old-school elegance to the contemporary styling.

The white Zellige tiles add plenty of texture and a touch of charm to this fairly modern kitchen, with the white textured surface helping to keep the space light and bright.

Elegant Dimity Walls

Image Credit: @home.at.261

What a cosy corner! The Dimity on the walls keeps the room looking light and bright but gives the room a warm depth. This adds to the homely feel that Sarah from Home At 261 has curated here.

I love the way they have tied the colour scheme together beautifully with the clever use of accessories and accent pieces. The hint of burgundy in the elegant French-style Louie chair, helps bring out the essence of red in this pale taupe shade from Farrow and Ball and adds a splash of colour and sophistication to the room. The cosy blankets and pillows with the beige and burgundy hues add to the inviting vibe. This shows that the clever use of the simplest accessories can really make all the difference to your space.

Children’s Room in Dimity by Farrow and Ball

Image Credit: @home_stead

I just love this bedroom designed by Siobhan Doherty from @home__stead. The gorgeous Dimity painted walls look fabulous in traditional bedroom, and this is a great example of how pink Dimity can look in certain lights. I simply adore the vintage school desk! It looks fantastic and adds such charm and character to the space.

I also love how the brightly coloured legs of the chair pop gloriously against the neutral walls. The quirky light-up duck is a nice touch, too. It is certainly an eye-catching feature, but it works really well and adds a playful charm to the room, which goes hand in hand with the red jester artwork on the wall.

Farrow and Ball Dimity Living Room

Image Credit @littleclarencehouse

This image shows another gorgeous colour scheme with the use of Farrow and Ball Dimity contrasting with a bold colour choice. It contrasts beautifully with the dark coloured sofa—a nod to not shy away from using bold dark colours when using this Farrow and Ball shade. The contrast seems to really make this colour pop and show off its unique depth. The use of the light-coloured throw cushions tie the colour scheme together nicely. This creates a homely feel which may have been lost without them.

Guest Bedroom in Dimity

Image Credit: @liss_taylor_designs 

  • Walls: Dimity
  • Wallpaper: Morris

This is the bedroom of my dreams! I adore this bohemian vibe which is so inviting and stylish all at the same time. Liss Taylor Designs has kept to a light neutral colour scheme which has all come together beautifully with the array of different textures. This is the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday snuggled up in the throws and blankets surrounded by the beautiful shades of cream, beige and gorgeous Dimity walls.

Farmhouse Dining Table Painted in Dimity

Image credit: @paintedhousekent 

I wanted to include this image from Painted House Kent as it demonstrates again that this gorgeous shade from Farrow and Ball doesn’t need to be limited to just your walls. Dimity’s neutral but unique colour can transform the furnishings of your home, too, enabling you to create the room refresh you are striving for.

This is the inspiration you need to not hesitate when you have the urge to paint your cupboard doors or dining room table, just go for it! Look at the superb upcycle to Painted House Kent’s dining room table and chairs, Dimity has worked its magic yet again, it looks gorgeous. The photo being taken in the natural light really showcases the richness of the colour.

Farrow and Ball Dimity Dining Room

Image Credit: @_our_housetohome_

Wall colour: Dimity

This beautiful dining room features Farrow and Ball Dimity on the panelled walls. As you can see, it works beautifully, creating a space that is calming and sophisticated, and serving as the perfect backdrop for the elegant dining table and chairs.

As you can see from all the images above, Dimity by Farrow and Ball, despite its neutral hues, with the right styling choices can indeed give any room in your home the refresh you desire. Looking magnificent with a clean and natural colour scheme but just as attractive against a colour scheme with a fun splash of colour thrown in the mix too. It seems you can’t really go wrong with a bit of Dimity in your life!

What Colours Go With Farrow and Ball Dimity?

Dimity is certainly a shade that is made for versatility. Being a natural tone, these colours do ‘naturally’ work best, but a splash of colour can work in perfect harmony with the shade too. It looks superb in both rustic bohemian stylings and equally as gorgeous in contemporary, or period homes. Below are a few of my recommended colour schemes depending on your interior design preferences.

Let’s start with white. If you’re looking for the perfect white to go with Dimity, you can’t go wrong with All White. This pure white is great for using on ceilings, trim, and woodwork, allowing the warm tones of Dimity to take center stage.

If a more organic and bohemian vibe is what you are looking to create, then try pairing Dimity with Oxford Stone. These neutral tones work in perfect balance with each other and would look great with rustic wooden shelving or bed frames.

If you are looking to create a neutral look with a splash of colour in your setting then try pairing Dimity with Red Earth. The bold shade of Red Earth would look glorious as a feature wall against Dimity walls, creating a strong but cosmopolitan look. 

If you are looking for a dark accent colour to pair with Dimity, try Railings. Together these two colours create a contemporary look that will work well in living rooms and kitchens.

Is Farrow and Ball Dimity a Warm or Cool Colour?

Dimity is a warm neutral, with red undertones. This makes it the perfect choice for any room if your home that you want to feel bright, but still and welcoming.

Where Can You Buy Samples of Dimity?

You will find that most good DIY stores stock Farrow and Ball Paints. However, they don’t always have every colour in stock. The easiest thing to do is order a free colour card and paint samples from Farrow and Ball directly.

This way you can save on time and fuel as they will be delivered straight to your door.

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