Farrow and Ball Shaded White – Is This The Best Neutral Paint Colour?

If you love neutrals and you want to create a space that feels warm and homely, Farrow and Ball Shaded White is the perfect choice. This soft greige hue is perfect for walls and ceilings and can be used to create an understated yet elegant look. Use it alone, or pair it with other colours to create endless looks in your home.

In this article, I’m sharing some examples of how to use Shaded White in your home. I’ll also share some colours that will work well with it at the end of the article.

What Colour is Shaded White?

Shaded White is a soothing light grey-beige (or greige colour). Its warm tones make it a very versatile colour that will work well in both traditional and contemporary settings. It’s often paired with lighter hues like Pointing or Slipper Satin to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that’s ideal for almost any area of the home.

You can order samples of Shaded White here, or get a free colour card to see how it looks with other Farrow and Ball paint colours.

Which Rooms are Best for Shaded White?

Farrow and Ball’s Shaded White will work well in most areas of the home. It’s a particularly good choice for living rooms and bedrooms, but it can also work well in hallways and even bathrooms!

Farrow and Ball Shaded White Living Room

Living room with a pink sofa, and Shaded White by Farrow and Ball on the panelling

Living room design by @therailwaycottage 

This gorgeous living room by Isabelle from The Railway Cottage features Shaded White on the panelling. As you can see, it works really well with this colour scheme to create a relaxed and elegant look.

Shaded White Boot Room

Boot room with Farrow and Ball Shaded White on the walls

Image via @my_best_laid_plans

I am so insanely jealous of this stunning boot room by Grace from @my_best_laid_plans. Shaded white has been used on the panelling, and it compliments the light wood floors perfectly. The dusty pink and accents finish off the look, creating a well-balanced colour scheme.

Hallway Painted in Shaded White by Farrow and Ball

Victorian property entrance hallway with farrow and ball Shaded White on the walls.

Image via @love_this_old_house

I love how Rebecca has used Shaded White in her Victorian renovation property. The whole space looks bright and welcoming—exactly what you need from a hallway! I also love how the black accents of the piano, radiator, and bannister stand out so beautifully against the shaded white walls.

Farrow and Ball Shaded White Living Room

Cosy living room design with Shaded White on the walls

Image via @hazelmorrisinteriors – Design by Hazel Morris Interiors 

This gorgeous living room design by Hazel from Hazel Morris Interiors uses Shaded White on the walls. It works well with the light wood floor and pine furniture to create an effortlessly chic, relaxed space. Check out Hazel’s website for more gorgeous interior design inspiration.

Shaded White Dining Room

Modern Japandi dining room with Farrow and Ball's Shaded White on the walls

Image via Farrow and Ball, Design by @_zweihundertzehn_

Desiree has created the most gorgeous dining space using Farrow and Ball’s Shaded White. Despite the fact that it’s an older building, the modern scandi-inspired design works really well, with the wall colour helping to give the space a calming yet welcoming feel.

What Colours go with Shaded White by Farrow and Ball?

If you’re looking for colours that will go well with Shaded White, you’re in the right place. Because it’s a neutral, Shaded white will actually work well with most colour schemes. Some of my favourite options are:

1 – Black

Railings – Railings is a soft black with blue undertones. It will work well with shaded white when used as an accent colour. Try using it on the woodwork and trim, skirting boards, and radiators for a high-contrast look.

2 – Green

Soft greens work well with Shaded White. My favourite options are:Mizzle –  A soft green grey colour with plenty of warmth in it. This is an ideal choice if you’re looking to create a down-to-earth, restful space.Pigeon – A darker shade of green-grey with strong blue undertones. This can work well as part of a two-colour combination for walls, or simply as an accent colour used on the woodwork.If you’re looking for a darker colour to pair with Shaded White, try Green Smoke. As the name suggests, Green Smoke is a deep smoky green colour. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to create a dark, cosy feeling and is a great choice for home offices and living rooms.Further reading: How to Use Green Smoke In Your Home.

3 – White

If you’re looking for a brighter shade of white to use alongside Shaded white, then All White is a great option. It’s a completely pure white paint with no other pigments added. Pairing Shaded White with a lighter shade will help emphasise the warm tones of this lovely paint colour.

Farrow and Ball Shaded White FAQs

It’s tricky pairing colours, especially when you’re ordering paint online. Here, I’ll try to answer some of the most common questions about Shaded White.

Is Shaded White a Dark Colour?

Shaded White is a light grey-beige colour. It’s certainly not dark, but it is darker than most other white shades.

Is Shadow White lighter than Shaded White?

Shadow White is slightly lighter than Shaded White. If you’re thinking of using Shadow White on your walls, Shaded White will work well on your woodwork and trim. It’s just a touch darker, giving a slight contrast.

Is Shaded White a Warm Colour?

Yes, Shaded White is a warm, light grey-beige colour. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a light neutral for your walls.

Is Shaded White Grey?

Shaded white isn’t really a grey colour, but it does have hints of grey in it. Overall, it’s more of a soft grey-beige colour, and personally, I consider it a neutral rather than a grey.

How to Order Samples of Shaded White

You can order samples of Shaded White, along with any other colours you want to try, directly from Farrow and Ball’s website. Sample pots give you an accurate idea of how their Estate Emulsion will look on your interior walls. They offer home delivery, so you can have the samples delivered straight to your door.If you want to check out a wider range of colours without buying too many sample pots, you can order a free colour card here.


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